30 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas in Australia (2022 Guide)

Giving teacher appreciation gifts is a time-honoured tradition that many Australians still follow today. But with so many choices out there, how do you know which teacher gift ideas will delight your favourite teacher?

Gifts that are unique, thoughtful and personalised are the types of gifts teachers will enjoy and appreciate the most. Items like personalised engraved gift boxes, personalised engraved bookmarks and custom tote bags perfectly blend personalised, unique and useful gifs. 

A teacher’s appreciation gift is an excellent way to express how much you care and value the person. Before you pick up a gift for your teacher, you should pause and give it a little thought.

To help you get started looking for the perfect gift for your favourite teacher, we curated a list of 30 of the most unique teacher gift ideas for 2022. 


Most Australians prefer gifting teachers at the end of the school year, which falls around mid-December while some students may want to offer something to their teachers during special occasions like birthdays or weddings. However, there is no set rule when it comes to when to give your teacher a gift. 

Offering a gift at this time is a great way to show appreciation for all the care, support, and effort your teacher gave you all throughout the school year. Not all students come back next school year – some will graduate, while others move. This is also the reason why the end of the school year is an ideal time for a class-pooled gift, like a DIY gift hamper. In addition, since the school year ends in December, there is no pressure to offer a separate Christmas gift. 

There’s no obligation to buy teacher gifts for other occasions, but it can be a thoughtful thing to do. For instance, if you know your child’s teacher has experienced a loss, you may want to consider a small condolence or sympathy gift. Similarly, if a teacher is getting married and invites the students to their wedding, you’ll probably want to bring a small but thoughtful wedding gift.  


While it is convenient to go for the usual gifts like flowers, chocolates, and mugs, you may want to give something different this time around. Our 30 gift ideas offer a fresher and more unique take on traditional teacher gifts. 

1. Therapeutic Massage Gun

Teachers can be so busy that they may not have enough time for a proper massage with a therapist or professional. You can solve your teacher’s dilemma and provide easy access to massages by getting them this Therapeutic Massage Gun. 

This handheld RENPHO Massage Gun executes deep tissue massages and works well in relieving stiffness, tension, and pain. This item features a brushless motor, and runs 20 different speed forces. With this premium gift, your teacher can enjoy a massage at any point of a long day of work.

2. Australian Native Birds & Floral Tea Towels

These gorgeous tea towels are not only visually pleasing but they are also made from high-quality cotton. The product is not your ordinary tea towel from the department store. A small business in Australia handmakes the tea towels and stitches selected designs onto the cotton fabric. 

There are six designs to choose from. These designs highlight stunning colourful flowers and Australian native birds. These designs make the towels more distinct than your regular tea towels.

Each tea towel measures 45cm X 70cm and makes great gifts to your teacher because they are simple but practical and memorable. You can request the vendor to customise the towels, wrap them, and include a greeting card in the order.

3. Personalised Pencils

Teachers are always in need of pencils – which is why they make good gifts. Instead of giving your teacher boring regular pencils, surprise them with these special handmade pencils. 

These personalised pencils have grey lead and come in 15 designs and colours. When you order, you can add a short message that includes a maximum of 50 characters. The vendor is also offering bulk orders and can print different messages on each pencil order.

4. A Bottle (or Bottles) of Good Wine – Hardys

Like many people, teachers can also appreciate a nice bottle of wine, especially after a long and challenging school year. Treat your teacher to a bottle of wine created by one of the oldest wineries in Australia. The award-winning winemaker Thomas Hardy established the renowned Hardy’s winery. 

Hardys Crest Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 gets consistent stellar reviews from wine fans. The wine became popular for its full-bodied taste and reasonable price. You can purchase Hardys Crest Cabernet Sauvignon per bottle or per set of 22 bottles. 

5. Personalised Ornaments

Looking for a unique teacher gift this year? Consider these gorgeous engraved wooden ornaments! This is the perfect gift for any teacher who loves unique, personalised items. We can customise your ornament with child name, teacher and class. 

Each ornament is made from sustainably sourced forestry-certified wood, and each one is unique with its own natural grain and beauty. The ornament has a hanging star or tree in the middle, making it perfect for displaying on a tree.

6. Happy Hour Tommy’s Margarita Cocktail

Teachers need a happy hour after working so hard! Tommy’s Margarita Cocktail is the perfect treat for any adult. This margarita blend is a combination of sweet, salty, and sour. Its agave nectar and natural lime flavour complement the bold 100% blue agave tequila component. Tommy’s Margarita is a treat for anyone!

You don’t have to be a bartender to enjoy a margarita. With Tommy’s, you only need to shake the bottle a few times to enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste this Mexican cocktail is famous for. Tommy’s Margarita is best served chilled and is available in 100ml or 500ml.

7. Tote Bag – Teacher Carry All Bag

Most of the time, teachers carry many items for work. While this inconvenience is unavoidable, you can still help your teacher carry things in style. This Teacher Carry All Tote Bag is both functional and fashionable. It is specially designed for busy teachers and is one of the best teacher gift ideas in Australia.

The tote bag is strong and large enough to hold several items, which may include A4 documents. This particular tote model showcases a durable cotton canvas material and a gorgeous pomegranate colour. It has a large capacity, and high-quality zippers and straps.

8. Basic Tool Set – Craftright 26 Piece Toolkit

It is not surprising that most teachers are handy with their hands and not afraid to take on fixes and DIYs. After all, they are used to being independent and handling issues head-on. 

This Basic Tool Set by Craftright may be your teacher’s best gift yet. This hand kit can help your teacher with simple home and classroom fixes. The tools are versatile enough to deal with a range of tasks. They feature soft handle grips and come in a durable plastic storage container. 

The 26-piece Craftfight tool set comprises the following:

  • 1 Screwdriver bit holder handle
  • 1 combination plier (6 inches)
  • 1 Hammer rubber head cover
  • 1 Fibreglass claw hammer (8oz )
  • 2 Precision screwdrivers
  • 20 insert driver bits (25mm)

9. Personal Laminator – J.Burrows A4 Home Laminator

Laminating teaching materials and documents is a normal task for teachers. This is why the J.Burrows A4 Home Laminator is one of the best teacher gift ideas in Australia. This personal laminator can handle small projects and other documents up to A4 in size. 

The J.Burrows home laminator offers high quality and value at a reasonable price that can laminate one sheet per minute and work on ten sheets without pausing. This tool is a highly dependable tool your teacher can make good use of!

10. Ceramic Reusable Cup – Sttoke Shatterproof Ceramic Cup

Coffee, tea, or any other favourite drinks help teachers get through their busy day. So it’s not surprising that teachers often receive cups as gifts. If this gift idea appeals to you, consider choosing an extraordinary cup instead of the usual bland ones. 

This multi-awarded ceramic reusable cup from Sttoke fits the bill. This cup is sturdy, shatterproof, and environmentally friendly. It features the German-engineered Greblon® Ceramic interior and double wall insulation that keeps drinks cool for 6 hours or hot for 3 hours. Sttoke Ceramic Cup is not only functional; it is also quaint and stylish. The cups come in designs created by renowned artist Douglas Leong.

11. Deluxe Fabric Lanyard

A lanyard is something a teacher cannot do without, so the chances are, your teacher might already have one. But what if there is an alternative to the boring lanyards seen everywhere? This deluxe fabric lanyard is a cut amongst the rest. 

This 90-cm long fabric lanyard is handmade by a small business in Australia. It is made of soft material and features modern designs that look nice and elegant. Its other stand-out components include a heavy-duty gold or silver breakaway clasp and retractable reels that allow extension up to 30 cm. 

12. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

Many people like their coffee constantly hot while at work, but maintaining an ideal temperature for a coffee proves difficult. This Smart Coffee Mug Warmer is a dream come true for your coffee lover teacher. 

This coffee mug warmer offers two available temperature levels to keep the coffee hot all day. It is easy to use with a one-touch start button and a USB plug-in cable. Using smart technology, the product can also automate heater control with ease. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer is waterproof and features a durable tempered glass and aluminium alloy frame. 

13. Ergonomic New Chair

If you don’t mind spending more to treat your favourite teacher, then this Ergo Teacher Chair as a gift will surely flatter any teacher. This chair product features an adjustable seat, back height, and arms. It also has a mesh back to keep the user cool and comfortable. In addition, this chair also offers high and low back options and can handle weight up to 130 kg. 

14. Movie Gift Card

If you plan to give a gift card as a teacher appreciation gift, why not make it more specific? This movie gift card is perfect for teachers who adore the cinema. The best thing about this Movie Gift Card is that it does not work for only one cinema chain. This card is valid in over 100 cinemas all across Australia. From multiplex city cinemas to outdoor cinemas, historical theatres,3D, and IMAX, your teacher can choose where and how to enjoy the big screen with this gift card. 

Aside from regular or luxury movie tickets, The Movie Gift Cardholder can also purchase popcorn, snacks, and even a dinner for two. 

15. Beauty and Spa Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with giving a beauty and spa gift card to your favourite female teacher. Teachers will surely appreciate a gift that will offer them some comfort and pampering. Hundreds of participating establishments across Australia accept the Beauty and Spa Gift Card.

You can send the gift card in physical or digital form, and the recipient can check their balance and expiry date. But the expiration should not be a concern as the card is valid for three years and can be used at any time of the week.

16. Gift Hamper for Teachers

More than ever, it’s important to show our teachers how much we appreciate them.

Whether they are teaching toddlers, primary schoolers, teenagers, young adults or adults, teachers deserve to be praised and thanked, and our gift box hampers are the perfect way to show gratitude.

From salty to sweet, with a few surprises in between, your teacher will be feeling the love when they unwrap their beautifully presented gift box hamper.

17. Stationery – Bunbougu Japanese Stationery

Stationeries are staples in a teacher’s everyday life. Although there are plenty of office supplies, the Bunbougu Japanese Stationery made it to our list because it is not only high-quality but is also never boring! The Bunbougu brand aims to brighten up any stationery lover’s day with its innovative and gorgeous designs. 

Bunbougu Stationery remained highly functional without compromising aesthetics. The brand’s wide range of washi tapes and decoration stickers allows users to decorate and personalise items like diaries, cases, and notebooks. The potential to leave a personal mark is endless with Bunbougu!

18. Bookshop Gift Card – Abbey’s Online Gift Voucher

Abbey’s Bookshop Gift Card is another fantastic appreciation gift as teachers are bookworms at heart. Instead of buying any gift card for your teacher, choosing this particular one is much more useful and meaningful. 

Abbey’s Bookshop is an iconic Australian establishment based at 31 York Street, Sydney. With this credit-card sized card, holders can conveniently buy book items online or in-store. The purchasing experience offers no pressure or hurry as this card has no expiry date. Abbey’s is known for their large collection of Fiction, Science, History, and language books. This award-winning bookstore promises premium service and ships all over Australia and internationally. 

19. Teacher Planner Bundle

Planning is one of the main tasks of any teacher. Scheduling activities does not only start and end during the school year. Teachers have to plan all year round, and thus, keeping a planner is extremely beneficial. This specific planner product is called the Teacher Planner Bundle.

Instead of a singular planner, this is a bundle gift that contains:

  • Planner with vegan leather exterior and a satin drawstring bag. 
  • Term tab stickers
  • Rainbow notepad
  • 12 monthly dividers
  • Sticker sheets
  • Teacher insert pack – yearly overview, timetables, contact and log-in sheets, term planner sheets
  • Chaos coordinator dashboard

20. Personalised Teacher Name Stamp

Teachers always have papers and homework to mark – this is part of the job. But wouldn’t it be cool if they could add a little personal mark when checking? This is what the Personalised Teacher Name Stamp can offer. 

This self-ink stamp is handmade by a small Australian business. It measures 18x48mm and is available in five colours: blue, red, green, purple, and black. The stamp can be customised to show details like name, date, and other details.

21. Drinking Bottle – Studymate Double Wall Steel Drink Bottle

The Studymate Drink Bottle is not your regular reusable drinking bottle. This product offers a high-quality double-wall stainless steel interior and a large 480 mL capacity. 

Studymate prevents leaks, and is BPA and lead-free. With this product, your teacher can enjoy their favourite hot and cold drink longer. You can choose from four colour themes, but each bottle is built to be durable and look contemporary and stylish. 

22. Teacher Appreciation Cookies

Cookies are one of the enjoyable teacher gift ideas in Australia. These particular Teacher Appreciation Cookies edge the competition because they are made with teachers in mind. 

These cookies are not only delicious, but they also feature cute and adorable designs like hearts and pencils. You can choose from a variety of cookie styles and flavours. The cookies come in gift boxes of varying sizes and prices. 

23. Personalised Custom Premium Hardcover Notebook

A teacher will never reject a notebook as this is one of the items valued in education. This Premium Hardcover Notebook is one of a kind in terms of quality and features. The product is available in four colours and three sizes. It is handmade and composed of premium soft-touch PU leather and high-grade paper. 

What makes this hardcover notebook unique is its customisable features. You may request to laser engrave a quote, message, logo, and name on the planner. You can even ask the vendor to execute your desired design for the planner. 

24. ‘Thank You Teacher’ Care Package

Care packages make awesome teacher gift ideas in Australia because of their versatility and attractive appearance. A care package does only highlight a single item but an assortment of goodies that spark excitement and joy. 

As the name suggests, the “Thank You Teacher” Care Package is specially designed for teachers who deserve some tender care. This carefully curated care package contains the following:

  • Lip Balm (Chocolate Mint or Vanilla Cocoa )
  • Essential Oil Roller ( three oil types)
  • Vanilla Candle
  • Handmade earrings (five designs to choose from)

Completing the care package is a gift card that says, “ Teachers can virtually do anything”.

25. Complete Tea Bundle

There is something about a cup of tea that relaxes and slows down the moment. It would be hard to find a teacher who does not appreciate an excellent tea package. Instead of featuring one type of tea, this Complete Tea Bundle features seven superb tea types. 

The seven tea blends are natural, Australian-made, and award-winning. They are designed by naturopaths to provide natural remedies to a range of health issues. 

The package highlights the artwork of Kevin Bynder – an inspirational Indigenous artist. The seven tea blends included in the Tea Bundle include: 

26. Coffee Gift Box

If your teacher is a coffee lover, this gift box will most likely surprise and delight them. Each gift box contains three coffee bags weighing 250 grams each. The coffee blends are roasted by artisan roasters and are chosen by an experienced coffee tasting panel and members of the Home Baristas Club. 

You may choose from two types of collections:

Queensland Collection – features Kai Coffee’s Old School from Sunshine Coast, Parallel Coffee Roasters (Brisbane), and Morena’s Rustica(Gold Coast). 

Central Coast Collection – Legend Coffee & Culture’s Gossy Good Times, Glee Coffee’s The Goods, and Loo Loo’s Coffee Roasters’ signature blend. 

27. Magnetic Monthly Planners

Planners help make scheduling easier for teachers. But there are other kinds of planners aside from the popular notebook versions. One of them is the Magnetic Monthly Planner, which allows teachers to keep track of their schedules more quickly and conveniently. 

The magnetic feature of this planner makes it possible to stick it on the fridge and be viewed by anyone at a swift glance. The planner measures Size A3 or 445mm x 310mm and uses whiteboard material, which makes erasing and writing texts easier to maintain. It is designed and produced in New Zealand. You can personalise these magnetic planners by adding names and other text. 

28. Personalised Acrylic Name Plate

Give your teacher’s desk a little more character and colour by gifting them this impressive Acrylic Name Plate. The nameplate measures 8″ x 2.4″ x 1″ and usually displays a name and a job. It is composed of high-quality crystal clear acrylic blocks. 

The vendor uses a UV printer to print the name on the acrylic and results in a 3D image. There are 30 available name plate designs to choose from.Before printing, the vendor sends customers a sample for approval. 

29. Compact Wood Desk Organiser

Teachers need a lot of stuff to complete their day-to-day tasks. This is why a wood desk organiser is an amazing token because it helps teachers keep things neat and organised. This specific wood desk organiser is called The Space Cube. 

The Space Cube is compact and allows easy storage, but remains multifunctional and clever. This attractive-looking organiser possesses the storage capacity of five desk organisers. It has 17 compartments and a docking station. The Space Cube hides cords and stores charging cables efficiently. 

30. Teacher Thank You Cards

Thank you cards will never get out of style as a token of appreciation because they come off as sincere and personal. You can add a little twist to the traditional thank you cards by purchasing one of these Teachers Thank You Cards. 

The cards are available in several styles and colour schemes. When ordering the card, you can make certain personalisation requests like printing the name and photo of the recipient. 


How Much Should You Spend on a Teacher’s Gift in Australia?

Between $15 and $30 is an ideal price range to spend on teachers gifts, as it allows you to get them a nice gift without spending an excessive amount. While there are no set limits on how much to spend on teacher gifts, up to $30 is what many students and families spend on teachers for end of year gifts. 

According to the Department of Education, teachers can accept gifts under $50 without reporting them to senior management. You can still give gifts over $50 to the teacher but they need to record it in the Workplace Gifts Register. Make sure that you discuss clearly with the teacher the purpose behind the gift, especially if it is expensive, to avoid awkwardness and misinterpretation.

To make the most of your budget, you can also collaborate with other parents to make a gift hamper for the teacher. A small contribution of $5 or $10 per family can be used to put together a lovely end-of-year gift. 

What Gifts Do Teachers Appreciate Most? 

A teacher, like anyone else, would appreciate any gift given to them that has some thought put into it. By paying attention to your teacher’s interests throughout the year, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift that is memorable, personal and in many cases practical. 

Pauline Mitchell

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