How To Make A Gift Hamper: The Only Guide You’ll Need

Gift-giving can be a beautiful, happy experience, especially in instances where a gift is more than just a gift. It could be a peace offering, a token of gratitude, a farewell gift or a profession of love.

But for some, gift-giving can be a cause for anxiety and stress. Closer to the holidays or other special occasions, some people feel overwhelmed even just thinking about what to give! The cost of gifts can also lead to gift-giving anxiety. Questions like “how much should I spend on a gift?” “What if they think this is too lavish?” or “What if they think this is too cheap?” – these (and so much more) can lead to unnecessary overthinking.

 If you’re feeling particularly anxious about what gift to give, this is the article you need to read!

You can stop your search for the perfect gift now, because a DIY gift hamper is one of the best personalised presents, no matter what the occasion. There’s really no better way to make a friend or loved one feel special than a bespoke gift hamper.

 Here are a few reasons why gift hampers are truly the best solution: 

  • You can fill personalised gift hampers with items that match the preferences and personality of the person you’re giving the gift to.
  • Gift hampers feel more customised and thought-out, making it more special than just grabbing something at the store or ordering online.
  • Aside from being a lovely present for any occasion, DIY gift hampers can also serve as practical gifts. For example, filling a gift hamper with food or groceries can mean so much to a family or loved one in need.
  • DIY gift hampers can be anything you want them to be! It can be a welcome present for a loved one who’s just returned from a long trip, a “pamper hamper” for a new mum who’s just given birth or a “get well soon” hamper for anyone who’s feeling under the weather.

Ready to get busy? This article is your very own comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating a meaningful gift hamper.


The foundation of any gift hamper, choosing the right basket or box to use as a base for your DIY gift hamper is a key factor in making sure it has the right look and feel. As we all know, when a gift is lovingly wrapped, it makes it that much more meaningful to recieve. Gift hampers are no different. Whatever base you prefer to use, there are certainly many great options available.

 And, if you want to get creative, you can always make a hamper without a basket or even make a hamper out of a cardboard box! There are countless ways to make your gift hamper unique.

 But what do the pros recommend? What‘s the right sort of basket or box to use for gift hampers? We’ve gathered some expert tips here:

Recipient’s Preferences   

First, consider what your recipient’s tastes and preferences are. Do they prefer more modern, eco-friendly products? Do they have minimalist tastes? Or do they love a country, rustic vibe? If they have a fun, quirky personality, you can get even more creative with your choice of gift basket.

It’s also a good idea if you can find out if they’re a fan of something specific – are they a Star Wars fan, for example? Or do they love a specific type of flower, like sunflowers? If you’re planning on making a themed gift hampers, you may be able to find a basket, box or other alternative to match the theme.

The bottom line is that you can use the recipient’s personal style preferences and their personality as your “north star” for finding the right basket or box to use for the gift hamper you plan to give.

Basket or Box Types

Now it’s time to choose a basket or box that matches the preferences of the person receiving the gift hamper. Here are some options to choose from:

Personalised Wooden Keepsake Boxes

This one’s a really unique idea, right? It’s definitely possible to create a gift hamper without using a basket – make your gift even more meaningful by presenting them in a Personalised Memory Keepsake Box.

Made from wood of the finest quality and beautifully engraved with a design and text of your choice, this is definitely a lovely, personalised alternative to traditional wicker baskets. The best part is that using a keepsake box for your gift hamper means that it can be reused to store memorable items.

That’s definitely hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak – you’re giving a charming, unique and durable gift hamper using a personalised keepsake box and, at the same time, you’re helping the environment by using a sustainable, reusable option.

Wicker Baskets

For generations, wicker baskets have been used as the common choice for gift hampers. It evokes a traditional warmth that’s certain to leave an emotional impact on anyone who receives it. Baskets are also versatile,  sturdy and durable.

But exactly what type of wicker basket should you choose?

Some people might think that “wicker” is the material used but actually, wicker is the technique used to make baskets made from pliable, flexible plant materials. It’s a basket-weaving technique that’s been documented from as far back as Ancient Egypt.

Wicker baskets are traditionally handmade, however, you can find many synthetic options that are just as durable. Popular options for natural wicker baskets for gift hampers are:

  •       Willow
  •       Rattan
  •       Seagrass
  •       Bamboo

Synthetic wicker baskets can be made from synthetic fibres or resins that are extracted from plant matter.

Wicker baskets are also very versatile in terms of shape and size. Gift hampers are usually rectangular but you can definitely opt for square, round or oval. You can also choose wicker baskets with a high handle, low handle, single or dual handle.

Whichever option you choose, wicker baskets are a lovely choice if you would like to make your own gift hamper.

Upcycled Gift Hamper Ideas

If you want to take an eco-friendly approach to your DIY gift hamper, then you might want to consider using materials that you can upcycle:

  • Reuse an old wicker basket

You might have received a gift hamper yourself. You can definitely reuse that old basket and breathe some new life into it. After some general dusting and cleaning, you can brighten it up with a coat of light varnish and accent it with fabric, florals or any other decorative items that match the theme you’re going for.

  • Spruce up used or thrift-shop plastic containers, bowls or platters.

If you don’t have any of these at home, you can certainly find some at thrift stores or even garage sales. The trick to upcycling plastic containers is to make them look new, whether that’s through painting, stenciling or decortating.

You can get your creative juices flowing by repainting thrifted containers with gold spray paint or using other decorative techniques to jazz them up.

  • Old wooden fruit crates

For a rustic, vintage vibe you can use old wooden fruit crates as the base for a gift hamper. As they’re meant to be filled and carried, they’re the perfect shape and size to create a lovely rustic gift hamper.

  • Reuse desk or document trays made from cardboard, wood or plastic

Desk trays are just the right size and depth to use as a base for a gift hamper. If you have an old desk tray that you’re no longer using, you can upcycle it with a fresh coat of paint. If it’s made from wood, then it can simply be polished or sanded for a natural look.

Large, deep cardboard desk or document trays can make a lovely and ideal base for a personalised gift hamper. You can also definitely make a hamper out of a cardboard box in clever, creative ways by adding creative finishing touches like paint or covering it in wrapping paper or fabric.

If you need more inspiration, we’ve got a few more for you! Here are other unique materials you can use for repurposing into gift hamper:

Important Tip

If you do decide to use a basket, make sure you choose a basket with a wide, flat-bottomed base. A smaller, deeper, bucket-like base will require more filling and it will be harder to arrange the items.

To wrap up this first step:

Virtually anything goes for gift hamper bases, whether it be baskets, boxes or any other container you have on hand. You can also decide to purchase something new or you can decide to upcycle.

You can also look for companies that specialise in custom gift hampers. They’ll usually have something available that will suit your budget and preferences. But we still agree that a personalised gift hamper you have taken the time and effort to make is a more sincere gesture.


And now for the most exciting part – choosing your gift hamper themes! After you’ve chosen a basket or box for your personalised gift hamper, the next step is to choose a theme. This must be done carefully because it’s what makes your DIY gift hamper stand out.

There are tons of ideas out there – if  you do a 10-minute search on Google, you might find a dizzying amount of search results and you probably won’t know where to start.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down some gift hamper themes based on two considerations: the occasion and what the recipient prefers.

What’s the occasion?

Sometimes, the best place to start when thinking of a theme is at the beginning – the occasion that’s being celebrated. The reason you’re giving the gift is the easiest place to start when you want to think of gift hamper themes. Here are some common occasions and themes to go with it:

Birthday Gift Hampers

Giving a gift hamper as a birthday present is a fantastic idea! You can personalise it to the age and preferences of the recipient.

Babies & Kids Birthday Hampers

If you’re looking to make a personalised gift hamper for a child who’s celebrating a birthday, then you have countless choices for themes! You can go with anything from their favourite cartoon character, favourite movie, favourite colour, or interests like animals, art, trucks, Barbies, astronomy, ballet, etc.

The child’s personality can also be a great way to figure out the gift hamper theme. Here are some ideas that you might like:

  • Unicorn-themed pamper hamper for the little diva in your family. A little girl with star quality who loves to perform loves to be pampered! If she loves unicorns, then this theme is a big plus. Fill it with child-friendly, non-toxic nail polish, facial wash, foot scrub, unicorn-themed towelettes or wet wipes, makeup, hair brush and a unicorn stuffed animal. You can also include a unicorn-themed robe. Throw in some bubble gum, candies, gummies and chocolates and the lucky birthday girl is all set. Colours should be unicorn-themed, too: pastel purple, bubblegum pink and all other colours in the colourful unicorn spectrum.
  • Truck-themed gift hamper for the active little boy. If you’re celebrating the birthday of an active little boy who’s crazy for trucks, then this is a great theme for a gift hamper. You can use a tin bucket painted orange, yellow, green or red as the base for your gift hamper or you can even use a large dump truck toy as the base, as well. Fill it with varied toy trucks, a construction helmet, vest, candies and chocolates and you’re all set.

Teens & Adults Birthday Hampers

Whether the birthday celebrant is 13 or 30, 21 or 61, DIY gift hampers make a lovely birthday present. Here are some ideas:

  • School supplies themed gift hamper
  • Chocolate themed gift hamper
  • Wine-themed premium gift hamper
  • College kit gift hamper
  • Self-care pamper hamper (his or hers version can be made)
  • Artsy-craftsy gift hamper
  • Sports-themed gift hamper
  • Tropical or summer-themed gift hamper
  • Autumn or winter-themed gift hamper
  • Movie-themed gift hamper
  • Coffee-themed gift hamper
  • Vintage-themed gift hamper
  • Color-themed gift hamper (teal, magenta, purple, coral blue)
  • Succulent-themed gift hamper
  • Book-themed gift hamper

Wedding Anniversary Gift Hamper

One of the best milestones in any marriage, a wedding anniversary gift hamper is a lovely gesture for either your other half or for your favourite couple. Here are some great gift hamper themes especially for wedding anniversaries:

  • Wedding anniversary symbol gift hamper (e.g. 25th anniversary is symbolized by silver so you can pattern your gift hamper around silver themes)
  • His & Hers self-care, couples’ gift basket
  • Sweet memories gift hamper (filled with photographs and mementos of the couple)
  • Vacation gift hamper (if the couple is planning to go away for their anniversary, you can provide a hamper with vacation essentials)
  • Chocolate and wine honeymoon gift hamper
  • Cheese and wine gift hamper

Lots of themes can also be based on the interests of the couples. Do they love golfing together? Then you can make a golf-themed gift basket. Do they love the beach? Then you can make them a beach-themed gift basket.

Another great thing to do would be to make a gift hamper filled with things that the couple wasn’t able to do because life happened – kids, careers, etc. For example, maybe they’ve always had a passion for calligraphy but never had a chance to pursue it together, then you can definitely set up a calligraphy-themed gift hamper.

Major Milestone Gift Hampers   

Other gift hamper themes you can draw inspiration from is if the occasion is a major milestone in the recipient’s life:

  •       Retirement
  •       Graduation
  •       Promotion
  •       New job
  •       Remission from cancer or other life-threatening illnesses
  •       Just had a baby
  •       Just adopted
  •       Opened up a new business
  •       Won a major contest or competition
  •       Built a new house
  •       Moved to a new apartment
  •       Moving or travelling away

All milestones in our life deserve a gift basket worth of any occasion – and themes can be drawn out of each milestone we are celebrating.

As a final note, we’d also like to say that it’s definitely a pleasant surprise to give a gift hamper even when there is no particular occasion. You may just want to brighten up someone’s day or, you may just want to show someone how grateful you are. Gift hampers provide a lovely way to show someone how much you care for them regardless of the occasion.

What’s the recipient’s preferences and personality?

As mentioned in the first step of this guide, the preference of the person who is receiving the gift hamper is the best way to approach what materials or theme to go for your DIY gift hamper.

But what if you’re looking for a theme that’s unique and unconventional? We’ve scoured the internet for some truly one-of-a-kind gift hamper themes that you can draw some inspiration from. One of these is sure to suit the cheeky, the stylish and the unique:

❖  The Gentlemen’s Beard Hamper

❖  Tea Time Hamper

❖  For The Love Of Dogs Gift Basket

❖  Stone And Wood Beer Box

❖  The Re-energiser Pamper Hamper

❖  Tea-Riffic Friend Personalised Tea and Biscuit Box

❖  Savvy Tech and Gamer Self-Care Set

❖  The Writer Gift Hamper

❖  Personalised Gift Hampers for Dogs

❖  The Cat’s Meow Gift Hampers for Cats

❖  Funny Gift Hamper Ideas

❖  Popcorn Gift Baskets

❖  Kitchen & Cooking Themed Gift Hamper

❖  Man of Good Taste Gift Hamper

❖  The Royal Treatment Gift Basket

❖  Junk Food Care Package

❖  A Toast to You Prosecco Gift Hamper

❖  Coffee Talk Gift Crate

❖  Champagne Wishes Gift Basket

❖  Game Night Gift Crate

❖  Artisan Charcuterie & Wine Tray

❖  Around The World Beer Bucket – 12 Beers

Gift Hamper Themes for Kids

If you’re looking for gift hamper themes for kids, then we’ll let these ideas from Pinterest do the talking. We’re sure you’ll find some great inspiration there. For kids’ gift hampers, though, it’s much simpler to think of themes – that’s because you’ll either have lots of themes to choose from or one particular theme that the child specifically prefers.

The beauty of gifting to children (and even teenagers) is that you usually know for certain what they’re interested in. It’s also easy to ask parents or caregivers what kind of gifts they’d like to receive. You can also find out what they might need at the moment – parents, siblings and other loved ones won’t hesitate to give you as many ideas as possible.

Here are a few tips to remember if you’re thinking of giving a kids’ gift hamper:

  • Skip the junk food, go gourmet. According to OpenTable, 75% of Australian parents say that when at a restaurant, their kids actually enjoy and prefer looking through the adult menu rather than the limited options in the kids’ menu. This could also be the influence of the widespread influence of the wunderkind child chefs featured in MasterChef Australia, right? In any case, if you’re going for a food-themed gift hamper, gourmet options for kids are healthier and the parents will love it.
  • Include useful, educational items. From a good book to art supplies, items that kids can actually use and learn from will be much appreciated by the parents or caregivers of the child. You can keep it simple – a set of pens, artfully stacked notebooks, a pencil case, a board game, a pyjama set – anything that can be used and reused a few more times after you’ve given the gift hamper will be appreciated.
  • You can discreetly include some cash. Perhaps you’re pressed for time or you’re not exactly sure what to fill the gift hamper with. Whatever the situation is, you can definitely make a small gift hamper with basic items and then include an envelope of cash that can either be deposited into the child’s bank account or saved for later.
  • Remember to use kid or baby-safe materials. Make sure you include non-toxic, chemical-free, hypoallergenic items in your gift hamper.
  • Ask about allergies, asthma or other health conditions. Some kids are allergic to peanuts or chocolate. Certain types of fabric or material can also cause serious asthma attacks or other health conditions. Always consult with the parents or caregivers and ask about anything that might trigger serious symptoms.
To wrap up this second step:

The gift hamper’s theme is definitely one of the most fun things to think about if you’re planning to give a gift hamper. However, it’s also the most crucial because it sets the final tone of the gift hamper. The best thing to do would be to make a list of possible themes based on the occasion and preferences of the recipient. From that list, narrow it down to which ones you have the capability to make and voila – you’ll have the perfect gift hamper theme.


So far, based on the above steps – we’ve selected the right basket or box to use for your gift hamper and we’ve also selected a theme.

Now, it’s time to choose the hamper items. But first, let’s talk about your budget.

Your budget is definitely something you need to consider when thinking of the items you want to include in the gift hamper. If you’re going for a luxe theme, for example, but you’re on a tight budget then it would probably be hard to pull off an elegant, premium gift hamper with budget items. But if budget isn’t the question, then you can definitely splurge – the sky’s the limit.

In any case, here are a couple of considerations budget-wise:

Buying A Gift Hamper vs. Making a DIY Gift Hamper

One of the benefits of making a DIY gift hamper is that you can decide how much you want to spend on each item.

As opposed to buying a hamper online or at a store, even if you’re making small payments of about $18 per week for example, if you opt to pay over a period of 5 months, that’s a total of $360 for one hamper.

If the hamper has less than 6 items then you could probably buy each item for an average of $30 each plus the basket or box and decorative accents, that would still be just around $200 or so. From that example, you’ve saved $160. You can save even more if you include upcycled items to use in your gift hamper.

One great thing about gift hampers is that even if you make it yourself, you can slowly buy each item one by one. You don’t need to purchase them all together. This will allow you to save money and maybe even pick up items on sale.

Too stingy or did you just go overboard?

What’s too cheap? And what’s too overly lavish? Just like any other present, you can send the wrong message if you choose overly cheap items or overly luxe items. So, again, we point to the two main things: the occasion and the preferences of the recipient. We’d like to add another consideration to this list – what’s your relation to the recipient of the gift hamper?

With those 3 things in mind: occasion, recipient’s personality and your relationship to the person receiving the gift hamper, you can decide how much to spend for each item in the gift hamper.

For example, if your parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary then this definitely calls for an elegant yet understated gift that’s meaningful, as well. Depending on your theme, you can look into spending about $30 – $50 per item. Or you can opt for 3 items or so that are a bit pricier – a bottle of good wine and 2 engraved, personalised crystal champagne glasses which they can then use to toast this happy occasion.

To wrap up this third step:

We’re quite sure that whoever is receiving your gift hamper will surely appreciate the time and effort you took to make a personalised gift hamper, regardless of the cost. You just have to make sure that the gift hamper items you’re including suits your budget and is just right for the occasion, as well.


After you’ve figured out your budget, we can proceed to carefully select your gift hamper items. It’s important to note that each gift hamper will have different items depending on the theme so this section will talk about general tips, helpful information and a quick discussion on the pros and cons of regifting.

Have a look below:

Gift Hamper “gifting formula”

Similar to the 5-gift rule, we’ve come up with a “gifting formula” as a rule-of-thumb for the number of items you can ideally include in your gift hamper based on size:

❖  Small-sized gift hampers – 4 items

❖  Medium-sized gift hampers – 6 items

❖  Large-sized gift hampers – 10+ items

Gift hamper essentials list

Depending on your theme, preferences and size of the gift hamper you’re planning to give, you can mix-and-match this list of must-have items in your gift hamper:

Something to eat

Sweets, chips, mints, artisan or gourmet food – always make sure you include something to nibble and enjoy whilst the recipient enjoys looking through the rest of the items in your DIY gift basket.

Something to drink

A staple in almost every gift hamper – beer, wine, champagne or artisanal drinks is definitely must-haves. Coffee is also something you can include. If you’re able to make your own hot or cold brew, that’s even better!

On this note, if you include something to drink, always make sure you make it a complete package – include cups, mugs, wine or beer glasses in your gift hamper for convenience.

Something to keep

Whether it’s a shawl you’ve knit or a personalised trinket, it’s essential for you to include a memento that’s worth keeping.

Other ideas in this department can include a succulent or a potted plant, a family heirloom that you’ve kept and waited to give on a certain occasion, a special item that holds special meaning for you and the recipient and other sentimental items.

Something luxurious

A luxurious item doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, if your other items cost $20 each then you can include one $60 item in the mix.

However, if the occasion calls for more expensive items, then by all means, a luxe item costing $100 upwards or two should be a great addition to your gift hamper.

Something to enjoy with the family

Whether it’s as simple as a board game or cool household gadget that everyone can enjoy, including something that the whole family can enjoy is something we think is essential in gift hampers.

There are exceptions, however – in cases where the gift hamper is intended for couples or just especially for one specific person, then there should be no need for this item.

Something unique

Try including something unique, unusual or rare in your gift hamper. For example, if you’re giving a gift hamper to a huge Harry Potter fan, maybe including a rare first edition of their favourite book in the series would be a really cool thing to include.

Nonetheless, something unique can just be an unusual find in the flea market or a souvenir from a previous trip somewhere exotic, let’s say an elephant statue from Thailand or a small figurine of Hindu god Ganesh from India. It can also be something you make yourself. If you’re an artist or craftsman, this is definitely something right up your alley.

Something useful

A useful item is definitely an essential item in a gift hamper. Whether it’s a cooking utensil that the recipient’s been looking to buy or self-care items in a pamper hamper, including useful items is definitely something that would be much appreciated.

Something funny or quirky

Whether it’s a reusable cup with a funny slogan or a First World Problems Card Game, including something funny is always something that any gift receiver will enjoy.

Something home-made

A truly personalised gift basket should include at least one homemade item. However, not all of us are good at making stuff at home, right? So, in this case, you can definitely have a look at what Etsy has to offer. If you also know a friend or family member who’s selling homemade items, then you can buy from them, too.

here can you get gift hamper items?

eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, Etsy and Pinterest are all good sources, in general, for ideal items you can include in your hamper. Your local Big W or Kmart can also be good sources for gift hamper items. For premium gift hampers, luxe wine shops and other companies that sell premium items will suit you just fine. You can also try supporting friends and family who might be in the business of selling homemade items, as well.

We’ve also included some specific websites for you. Look below:

Novelty Items

Kids & Family-Friendly Items

Gift Items for Him & Her / For Couples

  • Regifting – good or bad?

Many social etiquette experts agree that “regifting” or the act of giving a gift you’ve received to someone else is considered rude, even deceitful. However, realistically, this may have happened to any of us at some time or another.

For example, you may have received an item of clothing that didn’t fit and you didn’t find time to exchange it or, you received something particularly rare that you know a good friend has always been looking for. In these cases, regifting is sometimes the solution other than keeping that unused gift in storage.

Still, we also agree that there is inherent rudeness and deceit if you don’t tread carefully when regifting – as some say, “Do it right, or don’t do it at all”. This is an apt reminder when regifting.

So, how do you do regifting right?

❖  Make sure the item you’re regifting is really something that the recipient will love and not something you’re thoughtlessly giving just because you want to get it out of the way.

❖  Make sure the person who gave you the gift and the person you’re regifting to do not move in the same circles – otherwise both parties may be hurt should they find out.

❖  Be honest. It’s always in good sense to inform the recipient that you received the item as a gift but though he or she might like it more.

You can apply the above if you plan to include regifted items in your gift hamper. Nevertheless, regifting can be harmless and even appreciated when done right but disastrous and will end up hurting feelings when done wrong. Do your research about the recipient and consider regifted items carefully before placing them in the gift basket.

  • Remember to order ahead.

Depending on the number of items you’d like to include in your gift hamper (refer to the gifting formula in the first bullet of this section), you can now make a list of exactly what you’d like to include in your gift hamper.

Some items may need to be ordered online while some can just be bought at a store. Remember to order items ahead to ensure they get here just in time.

To wrap up this fourth step:

Choosing items carefully in your DIY gift hamper is one of the elements that ensure it’s given with love and care. It’s also fun! Just make sure you source out your items carefully and give yourself ample time, especially if you’re planning to fill a large gift hamper and you’re ordering online. Shipping times can be a bit tricky to manage when you have a birthday or wedding date deadline. If you do plan to include regifted items, tread this road with care and make sure it’s an item that the recipient will sincerely love.


The day is finally here! You’ve got your gift hamper base, you’ve got your theme, you’ve got all your items and now you’re ready to arrange your gift hamper. We’ve gathered some tips and strategies for arranging your gift hamper, what filler to use and helpful information for arranging a gift hamper nicely.

But first, let’s make sure you have everything you need for arranging your gift hamper. This will help as you move on to Steps 7 & 8 which cover wrapping and decorating your gift hamper.

Gift Hamper Tools & Materials

We’ve gathered a quick list of essentials here:

Basic Tools

❖  Scissors

❖  Glue

❖  Glue dots

❖  Cellophane tape

❖  Double-sided tape

❖  Large, spacious and flat table (your kitchen or dining table will do if you don’t have a crafting or sewing table)

Basic Filler Materials

These materials, referred to as “bedding”, can be crumpled and used to add height:

❖  Packing paper

❖  Newspaper

❖  Gift wrap

❖  Cellophane

❖  Styrofoam

These basic fillers can go on top of the bedding. You can prepare:

❖  Shredded decorative paper

❖  Shredded plastic

❖  Tissue paper

More decorative fillers will be discussed below.

Decorations & Accents

❖  Wide Ribbon

❖  Wire Ribbon

❖  Curling Ribbon

❖  Handmade or store-bought bows (you can use both or one or the other)

❖  Fabric

❖  Other decorative items that match the theme

❖  Printables if you want to add a sweet message or funny slogan or simple greeting

❖  Gift tags or name tags

❖  Photos and images can be added if they go with the theme

Wrapping Material

Wrapping steps will be discussed in Step 7 in more detail.

❖  Clear wrapping material such as cellophane or any equivalent wrapping

❖  If you prefer fabric, you can use tulle or any sheer fabric

❖  Pros recommend Gift Basket Shrink Wrap which you can buy at local craft stores (or online). You will need a blow dryer for this.

Optional Materials

❖  Bamboo skewers

❖  Paper straws

❖  Styrofoam

Once you have all of the above ready, you can now arrange your gift hamper. Our tips below should guide you every step of the way:

How to fill the bottom of a gift basket

Summary: You need to provide an even, decorative base at the bottom of the gift basket or box with crumpled paper or styrofoam.

Unless you’re using a box or another type of base that’s enclosed, first check to see if there’s any chance of filler paper coming out of the sides of the basket. If that’s the case, then you should first line the inside of your basket with fabric or a keepsake such as a blanket, scarf or shawl.

If there is no need for you to line the basket, then regardless of what size or shape your basket is, it will need an even, decorative base. You can do this by crumpling decorative gift wrap, newspaper, styrofoam or any other suitable material. Arrange it properly so it will be nice and even. The goal is to achieve a certain depth and height that will allow your items to be clearly visible.

Once you have an even base, cover the top with something more decorative such as shredded coloured or printed tissue paper, design foliage or dried moss.

If you’re using a box, the same steps can be taken to make a firm, level and attractive base.

How to display items in a gift basket

Summary: Propped up or laid flat, the goal of gift basket display is that all items should be visible.

Quick Note: if you plan to wrap your gift hamper, it’s best to set the empty basket or box on top of the cellophane, tulle or sheer fabric (whichever you prefer to use) first. Put it in the middle and cut a square shape around the basket. This makes for easier wrapping once you’re ready. Step 7 covers tips for wrapping a gift hamper.

The most common way to display items in a gift basket is propping them up and arranging them by size and weight. You can prop up large/tall/heavy/fragile items in the back and then proceed to arrange medium to small-sized items in front. Very small items like mini-chocolates or candy can be taped or laid out artfully in the front-most part of the gift hamper. You can also use glue dots to secure smaller items.

If you are including items like blankets, clothing, shawls, scarves, baby onesies, bibs, t-shirts, other articles of clothing or anything that’s made from fabric, you can fold it, roll it and then tie it up in the middle with a bow or ribbon. You can then prop it up or set it in the front part of the gift hamper.

If you’re using a box, you can choose to prop up your items or you can also do a simple, decorative flat lay which is a quicker, easier gift hamper arrangement process. You simply need to fill the bottom of the box with a firm base and filler. Then, you can artfully arrange the items flat on the surface.

How to add height to a gift basket

Summary: Using styrofoam, crumpled paper, barbecue skewers or paper straw, you can add height to your gift hamper.

Adding height to a gift hamper is pretty straightforward but there are some pro techniques that can make it easier:

❖  Line your box or basket with styrofoam for a firmer, more level base. You’ll usually need less than an inch thick but it depends on the depth of the box or basket you’re using. The important thing is you’ll need to reach a height that will make the items visible whether you decide to prop them up or lay them flat. It’s also best to cut out the styrofoam in the shape of the box or basket you’re using.

❖  Use bamboo skewers or paper straws to add height to gift hamper items. This tip is especially helpful if you plan to give a smaller gift hamper and the items may be of similar height. You can display items in the back and make it seem taller than the rest of the items in the middle and front by taping bamboo skewers or paper straws.

Important Tip

The filler and base of the gift hamper will most likely yield to the weight of the items in the gift hamper so make sure you have enough handy in case you need to add more.

How to make items stand up in a gift basket

Summary: Use firm materials to make items stand up and prevent from flopping over.

The challenge with propping up gift hamper items is sometimes it can flop over. You can avoid this by making sure items are secured using any of the following tips:

❖  Sticking bamboo skewers or paper straw directly on the base and filler of the gift hamper and then attaching the back of the items onto the skewers and paper straws with cellophane tape.

❖  Using glue dots, double-sided tape or cellophane tape (whichever you have handy or prefer to use), you can secure items together. For example, you can tape the back of a smaller to a larger item. Softer items can also be taped to firmer items, as well.

How to secure items in a gift basket   

Glue dots, cellophane tape, packing tape, glue, strings or ribbons can work well in securing items in the gift basket. Glue dots are especially helpful in making sure the items don’t move or shift around.

However, the best way to make sure items are secure lies in its proper arrangement. If the items are properly arranged then they should be secure as well. For example, if you have fragile items that may be easily crushed, these should be carefully placed where they won’t be easily crushed e.g. wine bottles, cups, glasses, etc.

Decorative basket filler ideas

Fillers can not only add texture to your gift hamper, they also completes the hamper’s overall look. Here are some ideas with links to purchase:

             Coloured styrofoam balls

             Large multi-coloured confetti

             Confetti glitter circles

             Natural wood shavings

             Iridescent film shredded crinkle confetti

             Raffia hamper shred

             Designer yarn

             Easter grass

             Shredded Fabric

             Craft pebbles

             Shredded coloured soft tissue paper

To wrap up this sixth step:

Arranging the items in your gift hamper properly is the essence of the gift. You take the time to arrange each item, you print the tags, you tie the ribbons, you tape them all securely and you make sure they stand upright or laid flat properly. In short, your love and appreciation for the person receiving the gift hamper is shown through its careful arrangement.


After carefully arranging the items in your gift hamper, it’s time to think about wrapping it. Or should you wrap it at all?

Many gift hampers are well presented as-is, but if you want to give it that extra touch then you can learn how to wrap a hamper in this seventh step.

There are many creative ways to wrap a gift basket but we’re going to start with the most basic – using cellophane.

Wrapping a gift hamper in cellophane

You can buy rolls of cellophane for wrapping baskets. Once you have your cellophane, lay it flat on the table and then follow these steps:

  1. As mentioned in Step 6, it’s best to get the gift hamper wrap-ready by setting the empty basket or box first on top of the cellophane.
  2. Cut a square around the basket or box. Make sure the proportions are generous, and you can always trim the cellophane later. If you bought pre-cut cellophane, make sure they are the right size for the box or basket you’re using.
  3. Lift the four corners of the cellophane two at a time, meeting in the middle. If your basket has a handle, make sure it is tied on top of the handle.
  4. Bunch up the middle of the gathered cellophane and then secure it with tape.
  5. Once secured with tape, you can hide the tape by tying a wide ribbon around it.
  6. You can use glue dots or double-sided tape to affix a bow or tag in front. You can also do without the bow – this part is open-ended and depends on your theme.
  7. Trim the top to make sure it’s nice and balanced.
  8. Turn the wrapped gift hamper around carefully and adjust or trim the cellophane wrap as necessary.

Wrapping a gift hamper in tulle or sheer fabric

If you opt for something fancier than cellophane wrap, then tulle is definitely a great choice. As it’s soft and pliable, it helps make your gift hamper look extra special. So, if you’re going for a super decadent look, you might want to know how to wrap your gift basket with tulle.

You can pretty much apply the same concept with tulle or any other type of sheer fabric with the steps above – set the basket or box on top of the fabric, cut a generous square around it, gather and then secure it around the middle.

However, remember that cellophane tape or glue dots usually do not adhere to the fabric as well as it does on cellophane so be ready with ribbons to tie around the middle as soon as you’ve gathered up the fabric.

When NOT to wrap a gift hamper

If you choose not to wrap your gift hamper, that’s fine, too. As long as the items are securely placed then there should be no problem. You can also add florals or design foliage around it especially if you’re using a wooden box as a base for your gift hamper. We would still recommend wrapping the hamper if you’re getting it delivered, for safety purposes.

If you’re using a box with a lid for your gift hamper, then you won’t need extra wrapping. Once sealed, you can tie a nice big bow around it and you should be all set.

To wrap up this seventh step:

Wrapping your gift hamper helps secure it in place. It also makes sure the items can’t easily be taken out, especially if you’re having it delivered. After carefully putting everything together, it would be a shame to have one item go missing or fall over during delivery. However, if you’re personally delivering it, then there should be no need to wrap it at all.


And now, for the finishing touches – the final decorations.

You actually won’t need to do much at this point! Between the basket or box, the filler, the carefully hand-selected items, and the nice bow attached around the cellophane or tulle, we’re sure your gift hamper is already looking gorgeous.

However, it can be great to add one last personalised touch at this stage – like a gift card with a personal note. You can make one yourself or you can stock up on these lovely pre-cut gift tags.

If you’ve opted for a “naked” gift hamper (without cellophane or fabric wrapping), then you can definitely tie a ribbon around the basket or box and then affix a gift card.

To sum up this eighth step:

Adding decor to your gift hamper is definitely an open-ended option. This all depends on your chosen theme and how you want your gift hamper to look.


Is your gift hamper ready to be given to a lucky loved one? Other than personally getting it delivered, you have an array of options available:

  1. You can send the gift hamper via post, particularly when packaged in a keepsake box or other sealed container. Find all the information you need from Australia Post here. You can also calculate postage and delivery times here.
  2. For bulkier gift hampers that you’re planning to send within your local area, you can use apps like Airtasker to have your hamper personally hand-delivered. You can also use Airtasker’s courier service search tool here.

Other courier service apps in Australia include:


Go People

Amazon Flex


Uber Connect





Do you wrap gifts in a gift bag?

When placing gifts in a gift bag, wrapping them is optional. If you want to keep the gifts inside totally concealed ahead of a special occasion – say, a birthday or Christmas Day – wrapping the gifts is an extra precaution against little hands and prying eyes. Young children may also want the experience of unwrapping the gifts, even if they’re presented in a gift bag. However, when gifting to adults, it’s typically not necessary to wrap gifts individually when putting them in a gift bag.

Do you wrap baby shower gifts?

Yes, you can absolutely wrap baby shower gifts! In fact, just like with most gifts, wrapping is preferred and typically correct etiquette. However, you can also give baby shower gifts without wrapping them in some circumstances, such as when giving a gift hamper, or if your gift already comes in creative packaging. In this case, just add a gift tag and you’re all set.

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