30 Best Experience Gifts for Couples: Unique Gift Ideas for Two

Experience gifts are some of the most thoughtful presents for any occasion, and plenty of experience vouchers make the perfect couples gifts too! 

It’s customary for couples to give awesome gifts to their special someone during occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements. However, things can deteriorate – but experience gifts create memories that last for a lifetime.

But what if you can give a gift that stays in your partner’s memory for all their life? You can do that by gifting them with memorable, pleasant, and exciting experiences that will be treasured for a lifetime. Now that is what we call a “forever gift.”

Let’s check out some romantic gifts for couples based on experiences and events.


Gifting your loved one an experience instead of a physical item always makes for a memorable gifting experience. However, we understand that the presentation of the gift can feel underwhelming. But don’t worry; we have some great ideas on how to jazz up your gift experience vouchers presentation. 

To make the exchange of your gift experience extra special, place it in a personalised keepsake box. This is the perfect way to have a physical reminder of your special gift. A personalised keepsake box from The WIllow Corner can be engraved with a unique design or the name of your loved one. This personalisation shows your other half that you have gone the extra mile for their gift. 

If you want to take your gift to the next level, you can add other small items to fill your personalised gift box. These can be little things your loved one enjoys or items that can be used in conjunction with your experience. 

However you decide to do it, presenting your experience voucher in a personalised gift box will add extra excitement to your gift exchange! 


Special occasions with your love demand unique gifts. Here are 30 fantastic gift ideas for special events that are not products or items. They are experiences for couples!

1. Feel the Adrenaline at a Drift School

If you want to become daredevil racers like the star couples in the Fast and Furious series, enrol yourself in a drifting course at Drift School. Professional drivers will coach you on how to whiz and manoeuvre your car to drift, skid, and slide on hot asphalt. The exhilarating drifting experience is done in a safe and controlled environment.

We won’t be surprised if both of you will return home exhilarated and pumped after all the stunts you made. Who knows? You might kit your own cars and enrol in a more advanced course!

2. Go on a Three Wheeler Tour Through The Country

Can you combine a romantic tour around the countryside with an adrenaline-pumping experience? You can combine a country tour with Adrenaline. You and your special someone can take a big rugged motorbike around the scenic Barossa Valley for three and a half hours, enjoying beautiful scenes and revitalising your spirit with fresh air. A friendly Barossa local guide will show you the best places in Barossa Valley. Plus, you can try out the Valley’s best food and wine.

A countryside ride and date? Definitely a big yes for us!

3. Go On a Romantic Gondola Cruise for Two

One of the most iconic and romantic dates that couples dream of experiencing is riding on a gondola in the beautiful waterways of Venice. Perhaps the gondolier might belt out a classic Italian love song. But what if you don’t have the money, time, or capability to go to Venice?

Fear not because Gondolas on the Swan allows you to enjoy this romantic experience right in your own country! Half hour cruises and one-hour cruises with red roses, chocolates, and champagnes are available. Both of you can enjoy a memorable, romantic coastal cruise while enjoying the stunning skyline of Perth.

The beautiful gondola is built and handcrafted in Western Australia. It’s inspired by the traditional design of the classic Venetian gondola.

4. Find Out Who has the Better Aim at Clay Target Shooting

You and your partner may have a competitive streak in your daily lives. Rather than competing through unnecessary arguments, why don’t you compete with each other in clay target shooting? At Hot Shots Shooting, you can try your aim at shooting clay pigeons up in the air. Yes, with real guns (don’t worry, though, because instructors will see that you’ll handle the guns safely)! Show your partner who’s the boss in shooting in an afternoon of fun and competition.

And that’s better than shooting each other with hurtful words, don’t you think?

5. Share a Moment Swimming With a Shark

Don’t believe the man-eater reputation of sharks as shown in popular movies. In fact, sharks are shy and curious creatures. And both of you will have a chance to interact with these incredible predators of the blue world in the AQWA aquarium.

For half an hour, you’ll have close encounters with seven different species of sharks. Both of you will also swim with stingrays, loggerhead turtles, and other fish. After your snorkelling experience, you can visit other parts of the gigantic aquarium.

6. Get on a Hot Air Balloon and Profess Your Love in the Clouds

For the two of you, love is in the air – literally. Enjoy a lovely date up in the air as you ride along the air currents in a colourful hot air balloon. Book your aerial trip with Windward Balloon Adventures, and discover romance as you’ve never experienced before.

High up in the air, you’ll see Australia as you’ve never seen before. Sail across colourful fields, marvel at the stunning mountains, and take pleasure in your time just being together. After your flight, you’ll be taken to the River’s Edge Café to enjoy a fully cooked breakfast with sparkling wine.

7. Test Your Love and Bravery and go Skydiving

One of the best ways to express your love is to go on exciting adventures together. And one of the best adventures that spell “exhilaration” in big caps is skydiving. Enjoy a grand skydiving adventure with your special someone at Skydive Australia. They have several branches along the East Coast, a couple in the West, and New Zealand.

Feel your adrenaline pump up as you jump from an aeroplane thousands of feet from the ground. Don’t worry – while the two of you do need to gather up an immense amount of courage and willpower, skilled and experienced instructors will accompany and encourage you. Soon, you’ll fly like a bird while enjoying the scenery way below you!  

8. Treat Yourselves to a Fancy 3 Course Meal

When it comes to a romantic celebration, you can never go wrong with fine dining. With Chefin, you can book a professional private chef to prepare you an exquisite 3-course meal at the place of your choice – your home, the beach, or a romantic site filled with beautiful memories.

The gourmet meal includes an entrée, a main course, and a dessert. All dishes are designed to match your taste and preferences. Your chef personally handpicks fresh ingredients locally and makes sure they’re top-quality.

9. Enjoy a Twilight Cruise for Two

Simply watching beautiful sunsets together brings out the love in you. Now, imagine a sunset date on a yacht! That would bring out the romance threefold! Why don’t you make your sunset cruise date a reality with Charter 1?

You and your special someone will sail across the beautiful coast of Fremantle, marvelling at the city’s magical skyline as it comes to life with glittering lights in a lovely catamaran. Watch the sunset bathe the sky into a kaleidoscope of colours. You’ll also be treated to a glass of sparkling wine and shared antipasto during your sunset date.

10. Learn About Beer and Each other on a Pub Tour 

Ice-cold beer is the ultimate quencher of thirst, stress, and problems. For a unique beer-centric experience, try a pub tour with Little Creatures, a top-quality beer manufacturer with breweries in Fremantle and Geelong.

Learn more about making beer while you enjoy their freshly brewed beer. Check out their calendars as well; they hold special events that may coincide with your own special occasions. That’s hitting two birds with one stone!

11. Experience Flying on a Trial Flight Session

Take your date up in the air and learn something new when you book a trial flight with Royal Aero Club. The two of you will fly a Cessna 152 single-engine aircraft under the watchful eye of a flying instructor. Both of you will learn the basics of taxing, take-off, landing, and level flight during your trial flight.

You can book an aerobatics flight if you want to level up a notch. You and your partner will scream, laugh, and have a good time as your instructor manoeuvres the aircraft to do hair-raising loops, barrel rolls, and more.

12. Get Closer to Sea Life on a Glass Bottom Boat

Under the waves, there is a beautiful, mysterious world that is largely unexplored. Start your own exploration without having to dive into the water! Yes, it can be done if you book a glass-bottom boat with Ningaloo.

For a couple of hours, you and your special someone will hover over the rich reefs of Ningaloo. From the transparent bottom of your boat, you can witness beautiful coral gardens, massive schools of fish, mysterious sea creatures, and other stunning underwater sceneries. If you want to get close and personal to the denizens of the deep, you can book an optional snorkelling adventure.

13. Share a Moment After Climbing a Monument

Optus Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium and one of Perth’s most famous artificial structures. Both of you can explore this excellent structure with The Ozone. With a guide, you and your partner can walk to the top of the Optus Stadium. You can access the newly built western viewing deck, where you’ll enjoy stunning views of Perth and the Swan River. And, of course, you can profess your love at the top of Perth.

14. Go for an Outback Quad Bike Race

With Perth Quad, you can explore the wild and scenic Australian with your special someone. You’ll drive along various tracks, including mud, gravel, bush, and dust. Race along sand dunes and beaches while you witness amazing landscapes. Best of all, you do your exploration date on rugged quad bikes!

This is best for adventurous couples who want to inject some adrenaline into their relationship. 

15. Enjoy the Sun With a Theme Park Pass

Are you tired of your usual dates? Why not rekindle the curious and happy child in you? Visit theme parks around Queensland with a theme park tour by Adrenaline. For seven days, you can get unlimited entry to Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, Paradise Country, and Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast. That’s an adventure encompassing 80 rides, attractions, and shows across these world-famous theme parks! You’ll also get a chance to meet your favourite characters, stars, and superheroes!

16. Spend the Night Flying Above the City

Do you want to give your special someone a new and unique gift? Why not treat them to an aeroplane tour? Wait, that’s not unique enough. Why not have a romantic date on a nighttime scenic flight courtesy of Sydney Heli Tours? Now that’s something!

Up in the air onboard a Eurocopter EC135 helicopter, you will see Sydney like you’ve never seen before, with a million glittering and moving multi-coloured lights. For 25 minutes, you’ll experience a magical date in a beautiful night sky. This adventure is best enjoyed during a full moon or a moonless night.

17. Learn To Cook Together

The best way to love your partner’s love is through their tummy. That’s why cooking for your partner is one of the best and most romantic gestures. Thus, both of you can take cooking lessons so you can prepare delicious meals not just for each other but for your friends and family.

You can start with pasta-making classes at Class Bento. Pasta is among the best, easiest, and most classic dishes that you can create. At the end of an introductory two-hour course, you’ll be treated to an authentic Italian meal complete with pasta and bruschetta.

18. Race Around the Water on a Jet Ski

If both of you are water babies, you might want to ride the waves and feel the warmth of excitement with a jetski race. Jetski Tours Perth provides you with such an adventure. Skim the waves at high speed with your own Yamaha VX jet ski.

But that’s not all. You can also tour the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, a popular gathering spot for sea lions and dolphins. After your hair-raising race, the two of you can relax and cool off in one of the many shops, BBQs, and cafes on the beach.

19. Work Together in a 2 Person Kayak

Row, row, row your boat along the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. Explore the clear turquoise waters in a 2-person kayak with Exmouth Adventure Co in Western Australia.

As the two of you row your kayak, you may encounter wildlife that inhabits the sea, such as rays, turtles, and even dolphins. You can get off the kayak and snorkel above the reef for an up-close adventure. Don’t forget to say hi to the huge schools of colourful fish.

20. Have a Truly Unique Date in a Cave

Are you tired of having dates on the beach, at a fine-dining restaurant, or even up in the sky on an aeroplane? Why not try to have a date where the sun doesn’t shine? Yes, we’re talking underground! Book a 1-hour guided tour inside the mysterious Ngilgi Cave with Adrenaline.

Be amazed at the dazzling crystal structures inside this natural underground kingdom. Marvel at the beautiful rock formations that only Mother Nature can sculpt. Don’t worry about your safety: there are fenced boardwalks, stairs, chambers, and tunnels everywhere. 

21. Test Each Other in an Escape Room

On Saturday date nights, you might have cuddled together and watched movies of couples trying to get out of a dangerous, booby-trapped room? With Red Balloon, you can relive the thrill, fear, and adrenaline of trying to get out of an escape room. Safely, of course.

You will try to solve mysteries and puzzles within the allotted time. Exercise your mind and your teamwork to get out of the interactive room. Alternatively, both of you can play as a team of detectives trying to solve a crime.

22. Go on a Horseback Adventure Together

You may want to take it a little slow and just enjoy the time being together. A horseback tour is among the best experience gifts for couples. With Adrenaline, you and your partner can experience the outdoors, see picturesque scenes, and appreciate lovely views from Bald Hill over Perth and the sea.

23. Enjoy a Classy Night Listening to a Symphony

Music is food for the soul. Listen to the emotionally charged music of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they perform amazing renditions of classical music, pop music, movie soundtracks, and more. Check out their calendar for other performances and schedules.

This is one of the most enlightening and romantic experience gifts for couples.

24. Take Out the Enemy Team at Paintball

Your guy wants to play a special forces soldier. You want to play as a heroine assassin in a video game. Well, why not both of you actually play that out? For half a day, you can team up and shoot at your opponents with paintball guns! Book with Bonny’s and make your date a “shooting date.”

You’ll be equipped with paintball guns and safety equipment. After a short safety briefing, you’re on your way to victory in challenging paintball courses. Bonny’s also has themed courses, so you can wage war in Tomb Raider-like ruins, Wild West streets, and more!

25. Reenact “Ghost” While Doing Pottery

Crafting is among the romantic gifts for couples. And with Class Bento, you can create your own pots, plates, and cups together. Oh, make it even more romantic with “Unchained Melody” playing in the background amidst a backdrop of candlelights.

26. Feed a Real Dinosaur at a Crocodile Feeding Zoo

Do you know that crocodiles roamed the earth at the same time as dinosaurs? Meet these ancient top predators at Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. Witness their power, grace, and lethality, and you’ll find a newfound respect for these reptiles.

You can also walk along the trails and witness cassowaries, kangaroos, dingoes, camels, and other native wildlife. 

27. Flyboard Over a Lake Like It’s the Year 3000!

Do you want to experience skateboarding up in the air? Both of you can use a powerful high-tech flyboard to try this out! With Adrenaline, you can fly dozens of feet above a lake. Don’t worry; your instructor will talk you through how to do manoeuvres and tricks through a speaker installed in your safety helmet.

This is one of the best experiences for couples, especially if you have an adventurous streak.

28. Enjoy a Stand-Up Comedy Night

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and it will definitely spice up your date. Head off to The Comics Lounge and have a good time with stand-up comedians during comedy night. Check out their calendar and choose which night best suits your preference of humour.

29. Or Try and Be the Comedian Yourself at an Open Mic Night

People like it if their partners can make them laugh even in the most stressful times. If you have a talent for humour, why not impress your partner by actually performing as a stand-up comedian? The Sit Down Comedy Club has open-mic nights where you can take the stage. You can impress not just your partner but also the audience.

30. Finish the Day with The Classic Dinner Cruise

Finally, we all want to have a romantic dinner with our partner – it’s the epitome of a beautiful date. Make it extra romantic by giving yourself a dinner cruise courtesy of Captain Cook Cruises

Sail the Swan River on a luxurious vessel while basking in the soft light of an Australian sunset. Enjoy the skyline of Perth as thousands of glittering multi-coloured lights turn on as the city wakes up for another night.

While you enjoy your cruise, you are treated to a hot buffet, complete with salads and cold dishes. Drinks such as beer, wine, and soft drinks are also available.


Here are some questions about choosing experience gifts for couples.

What Are the Best Luxury Experience Gifts for Couples?

Some luxurious experience gifts for couples include:

  • A flight on a hot air balloon
  • A sumptuous dinner prepared by a private chef  
  • A trial flight
  • A city flight at night
  • Listening to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

If you want to take your gift to the next level and enhance the luxury feel, why not present your gift in an engraved wooden gift box? This will also add a touch of sentiment to your gift. You can really heighten the lavishness of your gift experience by including some extra items in the gift box. 

Whether that be a nice piece of jewellery, a fragrance, or other accessories, your partner would love. Place your gifts in the box, alongside the voucher, with some tissue paper for filling, and you have the ultimate luxe gift! 

What Are the Best Romantic Experience Gifts for Couples? 

Some great romantic experience gifts for couples include:

  • Drift driving
  • Gondola cruise
  • Any sunset or dinner cruise
  • Cooking lessons
  • Any outdoor adventure

If you really want to dial up the romance with this gift, the key is to personalise it! Why not place your gift voucher in an engraved wooden box with both of your names or initials for a sentimental touch. You can even add photos or mementos from your relationship to have your partner feel the love in the air. 

Can I Give an Experience Gift for a Wedding?

Yes, an experience is a great gift idea for a wedding! A fun or romantic adventure is the perfect way to treat a newly wedded couple. You can choose from a long list of experiences to gift the married couple the one most suited to them. 

Consider presenting it in a personalised wedding keepsake box to add extra sentiment to this unique wedding gift. This box doubles as the perfect wedding memory box for the happy couple. They can keep any photos, bridal keepsakes, trinkets and good luck charms from their special day safely tucked away in this gift box. 

Additionally, this gift experience and keepsake box would make a fantastic anniversary gift for a newly-wedded couple.


Extraordinary and memorable experiences for couples make perfect gifts for special occasions. We hope that the suggestions above will help you and your special someone find the best presents for each other. With your love and passion, you both deserve any of these wonderful experiences.

Pauline Mitchell

My signature keepsake boxes encapsulate a memorable story from the carefully selected products sourced from and within Australia, the exquisitely handcrafted artwork, the sustainable materials used, and the luxurious beauty in every keepsake box itself—all for an intimate and personal gift token that will let you speak from your heart.

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