Bridal Good Luck Charms in Australia: Where To Buy Them & What They Mean

Getting married is an exhilarating but nerve-wracking experience for any bride. Giving the bride memorable bridal good luck charms will help ease her nerves to face the big day with a smile. 

Hundreds of years ago, different cultures from around the globe started the tradition of giving bridal good luck charms. These were believed to not only bring good fortune but to ward off negative energies as well. We all know that every marriage needs all the luck and good fortune possible to survive the ups and downs of life together. 

This personal and thoughtful gift will surely be appreciated by the newlyweds – whether you believe they bring good luck or not, these traditional tokens show your well-wishes and love for the bride and groom. 


One of the most common wedding good luck charms are accessories shaped like a horseshoe. Based on Greek tradition, the horseshoe, which has a similar shape as the crescent moon,  symbolizes fertility. The Romans also used horseshoes to ward off evil spirits. During the 19th century, the Scottish adorned their doors with a horseshoe as a way of attracting good fortune and protecting the family who lived in that house. 

Another well-loved wedding charm are miniature shoes or slippers. Traditionally, brides put a coin inside the shoe or slipper for an added dose of luck.

A dainty lock and key that are attached to the bride’s bouquet are also great wedding good luck charms. Just like the locks on the bridges in Paris and Seoul, they symbolize an indestructible bond.


One of the best gifts for any occasion are those that are handmade. Handcrafted bridal charms feel more special and personalised. There’s so much love and attention that goes into creating each piece that will truly be appreciated by the bride on her special day.

Placing these charms inside a precious wedding keepsake box makes the gift even more special.  You could even personalise the gift by having it engraved with the name of the bride and groom and their wedding date. It can serve as a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of their lives. 

We have rounded up several wedding good luck charms that you can give family or friends that are tying the knot.

1. Lucky Australian Silver Sixpence

As the old Victorian wedding rhyme goes, a bride needs “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe”. According to history, during the mid-1500s, the British had very strong beliefs that evil spirits were everywhere. These spirits were believed to be stronger during rituals and important events such as weddings. They used a sixpence, a coin equivalent to six pennies, to ward off bad luck and provide protection from harm. It also symbolises prosperity and good fortune. 

Luckily (no pun intended), you can buy genuine Australian sixpence that you can have engraved with the couple’s initials and their wedding date. If you have a quote or a special message for the bride and groom in mind, you can also have them specially engraved. 

2. Handmade Something Blue Pin with Personalized Charms

Giving the bride “something blue” will be one less thing to tick off her good luck charm list. This personalised charm includes a lucky horseshoe, a pendant with the bride and groom’s initials, and a light blue pearl.

The bride can pin this on her bouquet,  dress, or garter for that boost of wedding day luck. Kept as a wedding keepsake, someday the bride can pass it on to her daughter to use again for her wedding day. It would be a wonderful tradition to start, and you may be presenting this new family with a brilliant idea for a family heirloom.

3. Something Blue Guardian Angel Charm 

Another purpose for bridal charms is representing someone who has passed away, ensuring they can still be part of the occasion. The bride may have lost someone very special to her, and a memorial charm is a traditional way to commemorate them on her special day. It is a beautiful reminder that a guardian angel is watching over her. It can also be her “something blue”. 

This angel clip can be easily attached to the bride’s purse, pouch, bouquet, zipper, or garter. The charms come in a padded pouch to ensure that the bride will receive it in pristine condition. 

4. Trio of Bouquet Charms

To bring the legacy of love to the big day, these memorial charms can feature pictures of multiple loved ones who have passed away. This trio of memory lockets are customised to include photos of the special people in the bride’s life that may be gone but surely not forgotten. 

The trio of lockets can be attached to the bridal bouquet as a reminder of beautiful memories, helping the bride feel their presence on her special day. Aside from photos, verses with less than ten words or names can be placed as well. 

It will be one of the wedding keepsakes that the bride will treasure for many years to come. This charm comes in an organza pouch and you can even have a special message engraved for a truly unforgettable gift.

5. Swarovski Pearls Rosary

A rosary symbolises unwavering faith and commitment. A Catholic bride will surely delight in a gift that would greatly enhance her prayer life. Catholics believe that reciting the rosary is one of the most powerful prayers which can bring peace and joy to one’s life.

This gorgeous white Swarovski Pearls Rosary was made to be extra long so the bride may wrap it around her wrist on her wedding day. It can also be used to adorn the bridal bouquet.

6. Something Blue Dress Label

Another charming idea for the bride’s “something blue” is a custom dress label. You can have the name of the couple and their wedding date embroidered on a cream, white, or ivory fabric.

The label can be hand sewn on the groom’s tie or the bride’s wedding dress which can turn them into an endearing family heirloom as well. The couple’s future son or daughter will surely revel in using something worn by their parents.

7. Art Deco Wishbone Necklace

Wishbones are a common symbol for good luck, love, and optimism. This beautifully handcrafted necklace with a wishbone pendant goes beyond wishing the bride good luck. It’s a precious wedding keepsake that can withstand time. 

The necklace and the intricately crafted wishbone is made from rose gold, silver or white gold. It can also be personalised with the couple’s initials. Jewelry is a timeless piece that the bride will appreciate and be able to wear long after her wedding day.

8. Open Beaded Pearl Trim Heart

This bridal charm is perfect for a vintage or modern wedding. This charm, an alternative to the classic horseshoe, is embellished with dainty, white pearls. It’s made more graceful with handcrafted flowers and butterflies.

This handcrafted keepsake is also adorned with white ribbon and white pearl trim. It’s a precious, feminine touch that will complement the bride’s look on her special day. 

9. Beaded Wedding Horseshoe Keepsake

This wedding keepsake is a delightful combination of “something blue” and a charm for good luck. It’s a horseshoe embellished with lace, beads and pearls. Not only does it bring good fortune for the bride and groom, it is also an interesting piece for wedding photography.

With such an elegant accessory, the bride will be grateful for the thoughtful gesture and your carefully-selected gift will feature in all the wedding photos!

10. Lucky Four-Clover Bracelet

Four-leaf clovers have always been associated with good luck. This traditional Irish good luck symbol represents the four good omens: hope, faith, luck, and love. This lucky four-leaf clover bracelet will put a smile on any bride’s face. It is a stunning good luck charm that will complete her bridal look. 

Choose from 14K gold, rose gold or sterling silver with this beautiful, wearable piece. The pendant is an exquisite mother of pearl four-leaf clover that the bride will wear again and again. 


After the festivities, these lucky wedding good luck charms deserve to be kept in a gorgeous keepsake box. These Little Timber are made from high-quality wood which ensures that the precious charms are safe and sound for years to come. 

Since these boxes are personalised and laser engraved with a special inscription for the wedding, it can serve as a constant reminder of one of the best days of the couple’s life.

Many wedding keepsakes and good luck charms can become family heirlooms, representing the ‘something borrowed’ in a future son or daughter’s big day. There’s no better way to wish a new bride well than one of these beautiful good luck charms!


What Is a Good Luck Day to Get Married?

In Christian and Jewish tradition, Tuesday is believed to be a good-luck day to get married. The Bible’s Book of Genesis says that God created the land, plants, and trees on the third day and saw that “it was good”. Some Asian cultures see the 8th day of the month as lucky – and August 8th is an even better day to get married! Astrologers recommend getting married during a waxing moon, never a waning moon. 

What Do You Give a Bride on Her Wedding Day?

Amidst the busy wedding preparations, it’s a thoughtful gesture to give the bride something special on her big day. These could be a bridal good luck charm or a practical gift, like a personalised robe or a plush cosmetic bag. Of course, if you’re the groom, you can dial up the romance even more with some special jewellery.

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