Where To Pop The Question in Perth: 20 Best Proposal Ideas

You have the ring, your plan is set, and you’ve chosen the time to pop the question – but now you really need the perfect Perth location to propose. Of course, you want to make this moment truly memorable for the rest of your lives. 

Perth’s most romantic proposal locations offer premium benefits such as fine dining, dynamic scenery, and champagne.  These beautiful Perth locations will enhance your proposal and prime your partner to say ‘yes’ to an enchanting night and an unforgettable experience. 

We have compiled the 20 best proposal locations in Perth to help you upgrade your proposal. Some services mentioned in this article are available for hire to help organise your proposal and relieve some of the pressure. 

Read on to see our tips on choosing the perfect place to propose to your future fiance, and check out the most romantic locations to pop the question around Perth.


When choosing the perfect place to propose, you’ll want to find a location you will both love. Consider environments that embody what you, as a couple, enjoy doing, whether that’s travelling to a dream destination or heading to a favourite date spot. 

Consider what’s important to you and your partner – are either of you very family-focused? If so, consider incorporating a family heirloom or recreating your parent’s proposal. Additionally, consider if having family and friends around you is important for the big moment. If so, try a ‘proposal tour’, where you propose nearby to your family and friends and then meet up for a celebration afterwards! This is a great way to keep your family and friends in the equation without accidentally pressuring your soon-to-be fiancè into answering. 

Suppose you choose to travel to a dream destination to pop the question. In that case, you may be able to get advice from locals in the area for secret hidden gems that aren’t flocked by tourists for a special moment that is intimate and beautiful. You’ll get the added bonus of being an adventure and enjoy a surprise for you both when you arrive! 

This method works for various settings, and if you’re looking for great experiences in Perth, we have some ideas to get your gears rolling. Choose from one of these romantic experiences for couples – or discover the Perth region’s best places to propose below. 


Looking for the perfect place to propose in Perth, Western Australia? Check out our 20 best places for a marriage proposal. You’ll find the perfect option for your unique partnership, from inner-city destinations to short trips in the Perth region.

1. Perth’s Best Views: King’s Park

King’s Park is a fantastic venue because it’s got something for everyone. King’s Park is a safe bet for proposing to your special someone while maintaining intimacy, from restaurants and shady areas to have a picnic to botanical gardens to walk through. You can have the scenic backdrop of Fraser Avenue lawn looking out over the city and stargazing over the Swan and Canning rivers to the East.  

If you’re looking for dining options for a romantic dinner or breakfast, King’s Park offers two venues. Fraser’s Restaurant for premium cuisine and the Botanical Cafe. Romance your special someone over a fresh coffee overlooking the Swan River, or dine with floor-to-ceiling windows in Frasers with a seasonally-selective menu to accompany the amazing view. 

 2. Luxury Dining: Wildflower

If you and your loved one are looking for finer dining options and adventurous eats, Wildflower’s got you covered. Using native ingredients, Wildflower offers an expansive menu based on the six seasons of the Noongar calendar, sure to let you try something new. 

Situated on the fourth floor of COMO The Treasury, accommodations are never far. This restaurant is in the heart of Perth, giving you several scenic areas to pop the question after a delicious meal at an award-winning restaurant. Wildflower also offers rooftop dining, the perfect venue for a lighter nibble and champagne, if you don’t want to commit to an entire meal without compromising an unforgettable experience. 

3. A Scenic Backdrop: High Vale Orchards, Pickering Brook 

Looking for a getaway for you and your lover that’s beyond the stress of work? If you and your partner find beauty in the outdoors and love cruising, try driving around Pickering Brook and Canning Mills to find an ecosystem that blooms under summer sunlight; the sunlight peeking through the trees and alighting the roads ahead is sure to transfix you and your lover in the best way possible. 

For additional time spent together, how about scheduling a fruit picking tour? In Pickering Brook, High Vale Orchards offers the opportunity to try their amazing products at the Core Cider House; pop the question in the orchards while sipping on cider or have a picnic in the orchards at their Cider Garden! As a bonus, they have a wedding venue on hand, The Old Apple Shed, so you can picture your future together surrounded by the amazing landscape. 

4. For A Thrill: Matagarup Bridge, Perth

If you and your lover are looking for a thrill, try the Matagarup Bridge, a recent construction that connects Burswood and East Perth. This bridge offers more than just dynamic scenery; it also offers a zipline! After climbing the bridge, you and your spouse-to-be can zip down the bridge, reaching speeds of about 100 km/h that go from the western bridge platform, across the Swan River and to a landing platform in Burswood park. 

At night, the bridge and Optus stadium come alive, creating a picturesque scene where you can drop your knee. This is sure to get your hearts racing, reminiscent of the first time you met – what’s more amazing than that?

5. An Iconic Location: The Boat Shed, Perth

If you and your lover like unique picturesque scenes, The Boat Shed may be the perfect spot to pop the question! A timber boardwalk and a quaint blue boathouse will be your background over the river; first built in the 1930s, this is a perfect place to memorialise one of the bravest things you’ve ever done! 

Exercise caution when getting the ring out unless you want to mix it up and go for a swim to recover it. Take the plunge into the next chapter of your lives with a picturesque and intimate landscape around you!

6. A Sophisticated Winery: Sandalford Estate, Caversham

Sandalford Estate has luscious vineyards, natural bushland and groomed gardens that stand the test of time. This is the oldest winery in the Swan Valley region but looks sophisticated and rustic. Over 180 years in operation, the winery has a fabulous selection to choose from for a tasting and a restaurant to set the mood for romance.

If you’re craving a bite, The Sandalford Bar and Restaurant offer seasonal produce, hand-rolled pasta and other sophisticated eats in the relaxing atmosphere and treat for all of your senses, sure to inspire a playful and romantic mood. If you’re looking for a more expensive experience at Sandalford, you can reserve spots at The Estate Culinary Journey, curated by Executive Chef Alan Spagnolo. 

7. Under the Stars: Perth Observatory

How about adopting a star to commemorate the moment of your proposal? Perth Observatory offers star adoption and a private tour for you and your sweetheart to view your star. This intimate gathering coordinates your star so you can spot your special star in the sky away from the facility.

The observatory also offers Winter Night Tours, a guided tour experience that ends in hot chocolate and quality time. You can even dine nearby at Mistelle at Hainautt Winery, less than a kilometre away, to watch the sunset leading up to your nighttime tour. What is more romantic than that?

8. A Sunset Proposal: Port Beach, North Fremantle

If you and your lover like long walks on the beach, Port Beach has views out to Rottnest Island and is within walking distance of a cafe. Take a stroll down the shoreline, go snorkelling in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, and to make the day truly special, why not take a page from romance novels and let the sunset set the stage before you ask your love to be yours forever.

This sublime experience is sure to guarantee a resounding yes! If it gets windy, pop into the Cargo Bar for a beverage and vibrant atmosphere and watch the sunset from the outside terrace. 

9. A Secluded Hideaway: Bishop Road Reserve, Dalkeith 

This spot is sure to make for an enchanting moment that feels intimate and secret for just you two. This hidden gem is located in the western suburb of Dalkeith, which gives you several walking trails to explore at your leisure and a breathtaking view of the river.

You can even take some detours into the bush from the trails and get down on the water if you’re feeling spontaneous. A stunning environment that is beautiful sun-up, sundown and any time in between, this calming experience is sure to make your proposal as relaxing as it can be. 

10. A Classy Italian Restaurant: Lulu La Delizia, Subiaco 

If you’re looking for a surprisingly intimate restaurant, this fine dining establishment offers some of the best Italian food in Perth. The wine list predominately includes Italian and Australian wines to compliment the delicious food. The tables snugly fit together, but it doesn’t ruin the experience; it’s perfect for a warm reception after you pop the question and other patrons applaud! Just like in the movies! 

11. A Breath Taking View: C Restaurant in the Sky

If you’re looking for something exclusive, how about Western Australia’s only revolving restaurant? The C is perfect for a breathtaking view and an ever-shifting experience overlooking the Swan River, Perth, the suburbs and the hills for 40km and beyond. 

A full rotation takes 90 minutes and is smooth and sure to be memorable and intimate. Imagine popping the question while you’re looking out on beautiful Perth! Talk about a ‘wow’ factor!

12. A Unique Option: Penguin Island Boardwalk Trail

Looking for a new experience to have before popping the question? How about the Penguin Island Boardwalk Trail? This 1.5 km loop lets you get up-close and personal with the indigenous Fairy Penguins! 

Starting at the Penguin Experience Island Discovery Centre, the accompanying brochure allows you and your nature-lover to discover and learn about the local flora and fauna of the island. You can even schedule an appointment to feed the penguins at the Discovery Centre for a fun and romantic date (and little cheerleaders to celebrate after popping the question!).

13. An Intimate Winery: Plume Estate Winery, Bickley Valley 

If you and your lover love wine tasting, Plume Estate Vineyard is a beautiful vineyard to taste locally produced wines. Pair this experience with tapas using local ingredients and created to match nicely with wine and romance. 

The valley catches the sun gorgeously and is sure to be an amazing view that is rivalled only by the look in your lover’s eyes when you pop the question! 

14. A Tranquil Spot: Lesmurdie Falls

Love going hiking with your soon-to-be spouse? How about taking a great hike at Lesmurdie falls through bushland teeming with life and colour? The falls are amazing, and there’s a tranquil creek that runs through the area and more trails to stroll through hand in hand. 

This secluded spot will make you both feel like you’re the only two people in the world in the best way possible! This spot could be your getaway without breaking the bank. Lesmurdie falls is the largest waterfall in the Perth Hills and looks like scenery from New Zealand rather than Perth! 

15. A Stylish Restaurant: The Reveley

The Reveley offers an elevated and stylish experience that has the ability to match the vibe you’re looking for – each floor brings a different experience. The first floor offers quality seasonal cuisine, with wines expertly paired to match the romantic riverside. Relax on the ground floor with a simple menu that boasts a front-row seat to the Elizabeth Quay activity. 

The rooftop brings you to a serene atmosphere with open-sky views and a sleek bar accompanied by live music for a social dining experience unmatched by any other. Shout your love from the rooftops when you pop the question for sparks all around!

16. A Fun Option: Morley Rollerdrome 

Looking for something fun that allows you to feel closer to your lover? Try Morley Rollerdrome for rollerskating and find out who can skate the fastest around the arena while you plot how to drop the knee on skates. 

This option is sure to guarantee giggles, hand-holding and more for a fun night that is bound to keep rolling even after you leave the venue!

17. A Sophisticated Restaurant: Balthazar, Elizabeth Quay 

Craving something artsy, low-key and sophisticated? How about Balthazar? Located at the base of an original Art Deco apartment block, you’re sure to feel blown away. Enjoy the intimacy when you reserve a table for two and order from an ever-evolving wine list that may feature hard-to-come-by wines for extra exclusivity. 

Drop the knee in style, feeling like a celebrity!

18. A Getaway: Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is undoubtedly beautiful, but if you want that extra touch of adventure, how about a secret beach? Parakeet Bay is a destination away from the quokkas, and the turquoise water is like your own world. 

For an added touch, embark on the Sea West’s Luxe Island Seafood Cruise and experience travel along the island’s north coast, complete with free-flowing drinks and seven-course seafood meals and relaxation. This experience will guarantee a yes and make for an unforgettable experience.

19. An Adventurous Option: Swan River Kayaking 

Is Kayaking more your speed? Hire a kayak or bring your own, allowing you to drop from the Middle Swan Reserve into the beautiful Swan River for a tranquil day on the river. Swan River provides a different perspective on the world around you, perfect for your adventurer’s sensibilities. 

If you’re lucky, not only will your spouse say yes, but you may also spot a dolphin and the iconic black swans at your leisure. 

20. Picturesque Scenery: Raeburn Orchards, Roleystone 

Looking for a place that looks like it was pulled straight out of a fairytale? Raeburn Orchards is hidden in the beautiful Perth Hills and is the prime location for marriage proposals. Depending on when you plan to pop the question, you may be able to find plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots and in the store, you can explore more local products. 

Set up a secret picnic in the orchard, lead your lover through and enjoy some wine and nibbles as you build up the courage to pop the question.


Overwhelmed with everything that goes into your proposal? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Perth is also home to several companies that help organise and plan your proposal, so you can take the stress off of yourself and relax alongside your loved one.

  • Boho and Prosecco have you covered if you want to pop the question with a picnic! Let them be your wingman on the big day, and ensure you’ve got the right atmosphere.
  • Ceremony Secrets is perfect if you’re looking for a picnic option that’s more customisable with candid photography included.
  • My Proposal Co is the solution you need if you have a proposal idea that takes your personality into the equation. You can drop them a line and feel confident that it’s all taken care of. 

How about a personalised wedding proposal box if you’re craving something special to show the time, attention and dedication to your soon-to-be-spouse?


Where is the most romantic place to propose in Perth?

Ultimately, the most romantic place to propose is somewhere you and your partner love being! If your idea of romance is scenic views, several here are mentioned to scratch that itch for you. If you like adventuring, how about a proposal off the beaten path? 

What knee do you kneel on when you propose?

Traditionally, you should kneel on your left knee and have the ring in your left hand, opened with your right. This imagery evokes the scene of a knight bowing before his charge, though which knee you kneel on is less important than the fact you’re proposing!

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