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baby muslin wrap
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Kiki & Spice Bamboo Wrap

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Lusciously Soft Bamboo Muslin Wrap

Sourced from Kiki and Spice. Kiki and Spice wraps are made from 100% Bamboo. Gentle on your babies skin and incredibly soft; your tiny babe will be kept cozy and comfortable all night long. 

You won't believe how soft they are! 

Large in size and so versatile; they can be used as a baby wrap/swaddle, snuggle blanket, nursing or pram cover, bassinet sheet, lightweight blanket when out and about - the list goes on!

Benefits of Bamboo:
- Silky Soft
- Gentle on Sensitive Skin
- Naturally Antibacterial
- Breathable
- Thermal Regulating

Size: 120cm x 120cm