DIY Pamper Packs for New Mums | A Step-By-Step Guide

Being a new mum is one of the most incredible experiences a woman can have. Whilst the first few weeks of motherhood are full of beautiful and meaningful moments, they can also be immensely challenging and exhausting.

If you are on the look-out for gifts for a new mum, a DIY pamper pack filled with goodies will make a great surprise present for her. You aren’t limited to products to soothe post-delivery skincare issues and breastfeeding woes, ether – if you want to make gift-giving extra special, you can put together a unique new mum care package.

Not sure where to start?

Whether it’s for your sister, best friend or coworker, this step-by-step guide will help you create the ultimate new mum pamper kit. You can fill it with an assortment of goodies, from practical items to make the long days and nights easier to bear to self-care essentials that will help her get the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation she needs.


Step 1: Set a budget for your pamper pack.

Determining how much to spend is the first step in making a new mum care package. Doing this will help you decide what and how many treats you can purchase without overspending. Once you’ve determined your budget, you can add a buffer of around 15% for unexpected gifts that you may come across whilst picking products to include in the pamper kit.

If you’re not sure how much money to set aside, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s your budget?

When you’re planning to give a gift to a new mum, you might feel compelled to spend a bit more. After all, it’s a pretty special occasion, and one where anything you can contribute is bound to be appreciated. If you are on a budget, you don’t have to spend much – there are a lot of affordable but useful gift options you can buy.

  • How well do you know the new mum?

If you’re going to give the pamper pack to someone who is very close to you, like a best friend or a relative, then you can consider setting a higher spending limit.

For DIY pamper packs, you can spend anywhere from $30 – $50 for something basic, and stick with an upcycled basket or box. If you’d like to go all out, you can spend anywhere from $150 – $300 and upwards, particularly if you’re gifting it to a sister or daughter.

Regardless of the dollar amount you spend, though, it’s always good to remember that new mothers will be just as happy to have someone thinking of them. So, our advice is to just keep within your budget and don’t feel pressured to go overboard. The old adage, “it’s the thought that counts” is still relevant!

Step 2: Choose your pamper pack items.

Selecting new mum pampering gifts can be exciting, but with so many options out there, it could also be a daunting and confusing task. To make sure that the gifts you choose will be appreciated, think about her hobbies, interests, or the things that she likes. With all the focus on the new baby, she’ll be grateful you took the time to create something especially for her.

Here are some new mum pamper pack ideas to inspire you:

  • Gifts for Self-Care

At-home spa treats such as body scrubs, lotions, hair care products, and bath bombs are some common pampering gifts you may want to include. But if you want to take gift-giving a notch higher, you can go for something fancier, like a gift card for a spa treatment. Other self-care gifts that you can consider are as follows:

  • Make-up brush kit
  • Jade roller or Gua Sha stone
  • Facial massager
  • Sunscreen
  • Face masks/sheets
  • Manicure and pedicure kit
  •  Sauna blanket

Our Pick: Natural Chemical Free Jade Face Roller from White Lotus, $36

  • Gifts for the Sleep-Deprived Mum

Most, if not all, new mums will probably agree that the best gift that they want to receive is a few extra hours of sleep. You may not be able to give it to them, literally speaking, but the following items can help squeeze in a few more minutes’ rest.

  • Sleeping mask
  • Noise-cancelling earbuds
  • Luxury pillows
  • Cosy blanket
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Tea set
  • Fluffy bathrobe
  • Cotton pyjamas
  • Audiobook or sleep-aid podcast subscription

Our Pick: Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Balm from Perfect Potion, $24.95

  • Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast Mum

For mothers who prefer to stay sane by staying active, you can include some exercise-inspired gifts. She may even be looking forward to resuming her pre-pregnancy exercise routine, and so some well-thought gifts can help remind her what she has to look forward to! If the new mum is into yoga, you can buy her mala beads, a yoga mat, a pair of moisture-wicking yoga pants, or a new tote bag to store her yoga gear. Other fitness gift ideas are:

  • Water bottle
  • Compression socks
  • Resistance loop bands
  • Jump rope
  • Soft foam roller
  • Boxing gloves
  • Smartwatch
  • Running shoes

Our Pick: Focusing Mala Beads from Seeds of Wonder, $80

  • Gifts for the Foodie Mum

New mums need to eat healthy, for themselves as well as their newborn, but this is often a challenge with a new little one in the house. You can fill the pamper basket with healthy and nourishing snacks. You can also add herbs like basil, thyme and parsley, or spice mixes perfect for quick and easy meals. If she loves to cook, you can give her a recipe book or cookware, such as a slow cooker or air fryer. You can also consider the following:

  • Apron
  • Coffee mug
  • Recipe box
  • Set of kitchen utensils
  • Cutting board
  • Glass containers for microwave or meal prep
  • Online cooking classes
  • Wine subscription

Our Pick: Bramble & Hedge Chai Wild Fig & Raspberry Vegan Nougat from Gewurzhaus

  • Gifts for Fashionista Mums

Being a new mum does not mean that her sense of style needs to take the backseat. You can make her feel like a million bucks by giving her gifts that she can wear and make her feel and look beautiful. Among other pamper gift set ideas are the following:

  • Headbands and hair ties
  • Cute and comfy tops
  • Hairdryer
  • Diaper tote
  • Personalised jewellery
  • A gift card from an online shop or boutique

Our Pick: Personalised New Mum Initial Necklace from DaisyJewelleryStudio

  • Gift for the Sentimental Mums

Some new mothers might prefer keepsakes or gifts that will let them create and keep memories spent with their little ones. If your friend or relative is this type, you can give her a photo album or a memory book. Other sentimental gifts that she might appreciate are:

  • Polaroid camera
  • Mini photo printer
  • Customised journal or planner
  • Memory box
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Baby milestone blanket
  • Custom portrait

Our Pick: Personalised Memory Keepsake Box from Pip + Willow

  • Gifts for the Busy, On-The-Go Mum

Many new mothers have little time to focus on their own well-being, especially in those first few weeks at home. If you think the new mum (and her partner, too) might need a short break, you can offer to babysit or pay for a few nights with a child-minding service.

Another thoughtful gift idea is a grocery or meal delivery subscription, so she doesn’t have to line up at the grocery store or has quick-and-easy meals on hand. Other gift ideas that she will appreciate include:

  • Gift card (for two) to a wellness spa or the cinema
  • Gift card for home cleaning services
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Neck massager
  • Bathtub caddy
  • Phone and key finder

Our Pick: Nourish’D Healthy Meal Delivery Gift Card, from $50

  • Gifts for the Coffee Loving Mum

Most new mums deprive themselves of coffee during pregnancy, but now that the baby’s here, she can finally get that caffeine fix – albeit a little at a time if she’s breastfeeding. Still, you can never go wrong with giving a coffee-themed gift basket to a new mom.

Add a few other breakfast or pastry items and she can have a wonderful breakfast kit for the first morning she takes the baby home. Here are a few gift items to include in a coffee-themed gift basket:

  • Her favorite brand of gourmet coffee beans
  • A fun or personalised coffee mug
  • Coffee drip set
  • Biscotti
  • Butter pretzels
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Starbucks gift voucher (or her favourite local coffee shop)

Our Pick: Wolff Instant Specialty Coffee from Wolff Coffee Roasters , $45

Step 3: Choose a basket or box for your pamper pack.

After you have chosen the goodies and treats that make up your pamper pack, the next thing to do is to purchase (or upcycle) your gift basket or hamper. You can use any shape or material, but the size of the gift basket depends on what you want to put inside it.

If your gifts are tied by a central theme, consider a container that will match that theme. For example, if you’re giving eco-friendly gifts, you might want to put them in a traditional wicker basket. For beauty products such as bath soaps, hand creams, or nail polish, you can put them inside a plush pair of slippers and tie them with a cute ribbon. If you’re making a spa basket with a specific fragrance, you can choose a coloured container, like a white basket for vanilla-scented soaps, oils, or candles.

Wooden keepsake boxes for your care package

For small items like gift cards or custom necklaces and bracelets, a wooden keepsake box is the perfect way to present your pamper pack. If you want to make it even more special, choose a personalised keepsake box engraved with the new baby’s name and date of birth.

You can even choose to have a special quote or affirmation engraved for the new mum. Unlike a simple gift box or basket, you’ll know this precious gift will be kept and appreciated for many years to come!

Upcycled gift containers

If you’re feeling creative, you can also upcycle different containers that you have at home or ones that you can buy at a dollar or thrift store. Here are some ideas:

  • A laundry hamper for blankets, tees, robes, and laundry products such as detergent, stain remover, or closet organisers
  • Colanders, salad bowls, cake pans, or oven mitts for food-themed gifts
  • Mason jars and cookie tin cans for snack items
  • A fluffy towel shaped into a basket for toiletries

If you are giving heavier or bulkier items – for instance, a new slow cooker or other handy appliance – you may opt for a larger container with a sturdy bottom, like a wooden crate.

Step 4: Arranging your pamper pack.

To assemble your new mum gift box and make it look beautiful, you will need the following materials:

  • Crumpled tissue paper or bubble wrap for the base or padding
  • Shredded paper as filler
  • Glue dots or clear tape

Once you have all the materials needed, it’s now time to assemble your gift basket by following these steps.

  • Lay down the base of your gift basket.
  • Fill the hamper with crinkled tissue paper or shredded paper to add bulk. Reserve a bit of the paper shred as you might need them to fill in spots.
  • Assemble the items in the basket. Start by placing the larger or taller items at the back. Smaller items are placed upfront, while medium-sized items are in the middle. Fragile or breakable items go on top.
  • Glue items together to prevent them from shifting around.
  • Fill in empty spaces with shredded paper.

Additional arranging tips:

  • Select a basket with a wide and flat base.
  • Baskets with high walls are ideal for items such as bottles of wine.
  • You can use any paper you have on hand: old newspapers, magazine pages, Kraft paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Make sure you have enough crumpled paper as it will yield under the weight of the items you will be placed inside the basket.
  • You can also use Styrofoam as a base.

Step 5: Wrapping your pamper pack.

Wrapping a gift in a box is difficult enough, but if you’re using a gift basket or other irregular shape, it can get extremely tricky! But with these easy steps, you can wrap a gift basket like a pro.

Of course, if you’re using a wooden gift box, you won’t necessarily need to wrap it. Just fancy it up with a bow and a card and you’re all set!

What you need:

  • Assembled gift basket
  • Cellophane, wrapping paper or tulle wrap
  • Ribbon, pipe cleaner, twine or anything for cinching the wrap
  • Bows, glitter, or toppers for decoration
  • Cards or labels
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

Once you have arranged the gift basket to your liking, you can begin wrapping it:

  • Spread the wrap on an even and flat surface.
  • Place your basket at the centre of the wrap. Make sure that all four sides are even.
  • Once you’ve found the correct measurements, lift the corners or the long sides of the wrap-up.
  • Fold the flaps inward and secure them with clear tape.
  • Hold the wrap at the top of the basket and give it a good tug to get it taut and straighten the wrinkles.
  • Secure the wrap with a ribbon, twine or pipe cleaner.
  • Trim the excess cellophane or tulle wrap. Fluff or spread the top edges to your liking.
  • Add a bow to the cinched part of the wrap to make it look neat. Make sure it faces the front.
  • Tape down awkward corners with clear tape.
  • Stick the gift card or label at the centre, the neck of the wrap, or any spot where it can be easily seen.

Additional wrapping tips:

  • Leave at least five inches of excess wrap at the top.
  • You can opt for ready-made bows to avoid the hassle of making one.
  • Pre-sized cellophane bags are also available to make wrapping quicker and easier.


What is the best gift for a new mum?

Spoiling your friend or relative with luxurious or practical gifts can go a long way. But the best gifts for a new mom are pretty simple. Gifts of time, care, and nourishment are some of the best you can give. To help her recharge and keep her energy up or purchase essentials, gift cards of all kinds are typically much appreciated.

What can I send instead of flowers for a new baby?

Traditional gifts such as flowers are beautiful, but they can be impractical for new mums. Aside from taking up too much space, caring for them can also be time-consuming. And with the new mum being busy with mummy-duties, chances are, these flowers may just end up wilting and being thrown away. You can send something helpful and useful instead like baby blankets or clothes, home-cooked food, a care package, vouchers or even a heartfelt card.

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