What to Get a Couple on Their First Anniversary | 2021 Australian Gift Guide

A first anniversary marks a significant and memorable milestone in a couple’s life. While they are no longer considered newlyweds, the excitement of the honeymoon phase is still lingering. 

If you have friends or family who are about to strike off their first year as a married couple, you have plenty of unique gift ideas to consider. You can always go for paper-themed gifts if you want to go the traditional route and get them something personal and sentimental. However, if you want to raise the bar in gift-giving, you can opt for something modern or unconventional but also practical.

Surprise the married couple and send your congratulations along with one of these awesome first wedding anniversary gifts!


What are the Traditional First Anniversary Gifts?

The first year of marriage is called a Paper Anniversary. Dating back to the Victorian era, paper has been the traditional first wedding anniversary gift for couples. There are many beliefs about why paper symbolises a couple’s first year of wedded bliss. But for many generations, this age-old tradition of giving gifts represents a blank page that couples can fill with new experiences as they grow together through their years of being together.

What is the Modern First Anniversary Gift?

In the new modern era, the appropriate first anniversary gift is a clock. A symbol of endless time, the clock is meant to represent the timeless nature of a couple's love. The clock can have an interpretation of many similar meanings, encouraging newly weds to remember that time is precious and reminding them to spend time nurturing their relationship. 

Top 20 First Anniversary Gifts for Couples in Australia 

  1.     Personalised Wedding Keepsake Box

This keepsake box is the perfect place where the married couple can store their most cherished mementos and special keepsakes, from love letters and polaroid photos to postcards and jewellery. It is made from high quality, sustainable timber, giving this keepsake box a lovely, unique grain.

The wooden box is available in two sizes and comes with a sliding lid that can be hand-engraved with the couple’s names, date of their wedding anniversary, or other personal details. You can choose from any of the store’s designs or provide your own custom design. You also have the option to include a personalised card containing a special message you want to give the couple.

  1.      Personalised Kookaburra Couple Portrait

Kookaburras may be popular for their loud cackles, but one little known fact about these territorial birds is that they are monogamous. This framed wall print of a kookaburra couple shall serve as a subtle reminder of the promise that married couples made to stay together for as long as they live.

This adorable wall art is available in A3 or A4 sizes and is printed on 200 GSM stock paper. It is easily customisable with the name of the couple and their wedding date. You can purchase the prints framed in painted wood, either black, white or oak, with a perspex cover, or you can opt for an unframed print. 

  1.     Personalised Origami Bride and Groom Wall Art 

This origami wall art will look good in any living room, bedroom, or hallway. The bride and groom paper dolls are made from colourful origami and Chiyogami paper, adding a pop of brightness to any blank wall. The dolls are handmade, making them a true work of art.

You can have the couple’s name and anniversary date printed on the frame for a personal touch. Several colour options are available for both the bride‘s and groom’s outfits. 

  1.     Couple’s Journal

Some married couples might find it hard to spend quality time with each other because of their busy schedules, while others may simply be looking for fun ways to communicate with their spouse.

With this love journal, couples can share ideas, plans, memories, questions or any message they want when circumstances don’t allow them to talk personally all the time. It can also serve as a medium for documenting their love story, writing letters to each other and even talking about hard-to-discuss topics.

This couples journal features a hardback, premium cloth cover in a gender-neutral colour. The spine, front cover and back cover are embossed with an elegant gold foil.

  1.     His and Hers Mug Set

How do they like their coffee? Does one like their coffee black and the other full of sugar and cream? These coffee mugs are great for couples who have different preferences in drinking their coffee. 

The set features a minimalist design, and the message is simple and straightforward. One mug is for hubby while the other is for wifey. A cute, simple and practical gift for any coffee drinking couple. 

  1.     Personalised Music Sheet Notes 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable gift for couples who love music, then this music sheet wall poster is guaranteed to hit the right note. It displays the notes of your chosen song in sheet music. This wall print will remind the couple of that special moment during their wedding, whether it’s their wedding theme or the song they first danced to as a married couple. 

The top portion of the music sheet shows the song’s title and artist, while the bottom part displays the couple’s name and wedding date. You can choose from three different print sizes and have your order delivered with or without a frame. 

  1.     Oak Picture Frame

There’s no better way to show how much you appreciate the best couple than with this ‘Best Couple Ever’ picture frame. Old-fashioned as it may seem, this photo frame is an excellent reminder of the highlights of the couple’s relationship. It will also help encourage the couple to create more memorable moments in the future.

This picture frame comes in three sizes and may be in portrait or landscape orientation. It includes a high-quality oak frame with a glass insert. The oak frame comes with a stand and wall attachment, so the couple can display it on a shelf or table or mount it on a wall. 


  1.     Customised Paper Portrait with Pets

If you’re looking for something fancier than traditional portraits for your favourite couple, you can try this custom paper portrait. This custom portrait is made on 160 to 220 GSM paper and is set inside a wooden frame.

All you need to do is send a reference photo of the couple and indicate how you want the portrait, text, background, and paper frame colours to look. The manufacturer will then send you a digital draft of the artwork. Once you approve the draft portrait, the manufacturer will proceed in creating the paper portrait and send the finished product for delivery.

  1. Personalised Scented Candle

Scented candles are a top-class gift option no matter the occasion. Not only do they a mood booster and provide stress relief, but they also help in setting a romantic ambience. This personalised scented candle offers a sweet way to remind the couple to keep their love burning bright.

The soy wax candle is housed inside an apothecary-style 180 ml jar with a lid. You have a wide selection of scents to choose from, including floral blossom, candied pumpkin, and lavender and white tea. This candle has a burning time of about 25 hours.

You can have the couple’s first names displayed on the label, together with the date of their wedding anniversary. For a more sentimental touch, you can add a personal message of up to 80 characters. 

  1. Scratch Off World Map

This world map wall art is suitable for couples who love to travel. The couple can use this concept map of the world to display their past adventures by scratching off places that they have visited in the past year. It is also handy for planning their next holiday destination. This wall map features countries, states and cities so that the couple can keep track of their travels in better detail.

The map is printed on high-quality laminated paper and measures 35 x 24 inches, making it an interesting piece of decor when hung on a wall. The package includes push pins for marking visited destinations and a metal scraper for scratching off the gold coating.

  1.     Date Night at Home

Got no time to go out for a date? With this date night box, the married couple can still enjoy a fantastic date night whilst staying in - no need to put on makeup or fancy clothes!

You can get the couple a gift box from the one-off options or subscribe them to a plan. Two date night subscription plans are available. You can either subscribe them to a monthly date night plan or a 3-month prepaid plan. Every month, the couple will receive a date night box filled with items they can share and activities they can do together. Different themes are available, keeping things fun and interesting. 

  1.   Personalised Wall Clock

The modern first anniversary gift is a clock, symbolising that love is timeless. This wooden wall clock is a wonderful representation of the past year, together with the couple’s experiences. It also signifies all the years that are still to come in the couple’s married life.

This non-ticking wall clock is a simple yet functional and eye-catching wall accent, making it a thoughtful first anniversary present. It is made from natural bamboo, non-ticking, and features a quartz movement. The clock’s face displays an inspiring message for the couple, encouraging them to stay together despite the many ups and downs they may encounter as time passes by. It is a customisable gift so that you can have the couple’s first names and wedding date engraved on the face of the clock.

  1.     Matching Pendant Necklaces

Treat the couple with a one-of-a-kind gift that literally lets them keep each other close to their heart. This simple jewellery features a chain necklace and a pendant that you can personalise with the couple’s names.

The minimalist design makes this necklace suitable for everyday wear, date nights or special occasions. Make it more unique to the couple by selecting the type of material, font size, chain type and chain length.

  1.     Wine and Cheese Platter

Go all out and send this wine and cheese platter to help the couple celebrate. This gourmet pairing has everything they'll need, whether you’re throwing a wine party for the couple or simply want to let them enjoy a cosy night in together.

This gift set includes a bottle of Milton Vineyard Pinot Gris along with different types of cheeses. Also included are condiments such as quince paste, pickled onions and many more. To add a special touch, you can add a message to the package when you make a purchase.

  1.     Gift Voucher

Not sure what to buy? This Red Balloon gift voucher takes the guesswork out of gift-giving.

Let the couple pick the activity they want to experience, from an overnight stay in a hotel to a hot air balloon ride over wine country. Other options such as cruises, helicopter rides, picnic lunches, chef-hatted degustation menu sampling and river glamping are also on the table.

The gift voucher has a validity of five years. What’s better is that the couple can swap unredeemed products or experiences at no extra cost if they change their minds. Gift vouchers range between $100 to $300, but you can purchase any amount if you want to spoil the couple.


Related Questions

How Much Should You Spend on a First Wedding Anniversary Gift?

Setting a budget before you buy a gift for the happy couple is a start. You’ll want to consider how close you are to the couple. You can set a higher amount if the anniversary gift is for a close friend or relative. However, you don’t need to be extravagant if you’re in a tight financial situation. Keep in mind that no amount of money or possession can surpass the care you have for the couple. It's the thought and your well wishes that count the most. 


Do Parents Give Anniversary Gifts?

Whilst it is not obligatory, parents can always give their children a wedding anniversary gift. It is one way parents can show their love and support, even if their child is living independently. Giving an anniversary gift also helps commemorate their child’s special day and show the happy couple they’re a treasured part of your life.