Unique & Unforgettable Modern Christening Gift Ideas (2021 Gift Guide)

Modern Christening Gift Ideas

Isn’t the birth of a new baby always a happy, memorable event? And when you're invited to the baby’s baptism, one of the first things you'll think about is what to buy for christening gifts. 


Of course, you'll want to give christening presents that are both memorable and one-of-a-kind. It would be amazing to think that the baby that's being christened today can look at your gift many years later and cherish its warmth and meaning.


But shopping around for contemporary christening gifts that are also unique can be quite a challenge these days. With a vast array of options available online, there’s a good chance that the baptism gift you’re choosing this very minute may also be what another family member is looking to purchase, too. We don’t want you to give just another photo album or embroidered blanket. 


The key to finding truly heartfelt baptism gift ideas is to spend a little time doing research, looking for a gift that will truly be cherished by parents and baby alike. That’s where we come in!


This article curates some of the best unique christening gifts that are perfect to give to a special little one - gifts that will make the proud parents smile, too! We’ve also covered some tips and baptism etiquette to help you prepare for this very special milestone in a baby’s young life.


How Much Should A Christening Gift Cost?

Any practical gift-giver, regardless of the occasion, knows that the first thing to consider is the price. However, when it comes to christening presents, there are a few more factors that need to be considered. Price-wise, here are the main questions you need to ask yourself:


  • What’s your budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, there are many unique, handmade gift options that you can find online which come with an affordable price tag. You can also find payment plan options available, too – while you may not have time to lay by, many online gift stores now offer Afterpay or similar services to help you afford a nice gift before the special day arrives.


However, if money isn’t an issue, then you can opt for more luxury items that are meaningful, as well. But choosing a gift that’s truly unique and meaningful can compensate for a lower price tag, making it especially important to choose the right gift if your budget is small.


  • How close are you to the baby and the baby’s family?

Your relationship to the baby and his or her family is an important factor to consider. Are you close to the child’s parents? Were you invited to become a godparent? Or are you a distant aunt or uncle? Maybe you’re a good friend from the office? How close you are to the family can be your gauge to how much you should spend for a baptism gift.


If you are close to the family or if you’ve been invited to be a godparent, then it’s common baptism etiquette for you to give a more expensive gift ($100 - $250 or even more, if possible). For distant relatives or workmates, you can simply work with what’s within your budget.


In addition, godparents have the honour and privilege of becoming the child’s “second parents”, meaning you will usually be present as the child grows. So, if you’re a godparent that just happens to be on a budget, remember that the child’s parents will certainly not mind what present you choose – as long as you promise to be there for your godchild.


Proud parents will appreciate any gift for their little one, no matter what your relation to the baby is. You don’t have to bend over backwards and spend a ton of money on baptism gifts. The key to giving sentimental, unique christening gifts isn’t actually the cost, it’s the meaning behind it.


Have a look at our list in the next section and be inspired by our lovely baptism gift ideas. 


  • Personalised Christening Gifts

Sweet, sentimental, full of promise and hope - all these (and more!) describe a child that’s about to be christened. It only makes sense to find a gift with the same qualities. 


We’ve gathered our personalised picks below. Who knows, you might discover an item worthy of becoming a new family heirloom that can be passed on to the next generation.


  • Christening Keepsake Box 

Darling little keepsake boxes are a lovely way for parents to hold on to sentimental items as the child grows: ultrasound photos, congratulations notes or cards from the day they were born, memorable baby photos, first lock of hair, first tooth, a newspaper from the day the baby was born, a coin with the year of the child’s birth – the list of treaures a keepsake box can hold is endless. 


And the true magic of a christening keepsake box? When it’s opened years later and the parent and child share a sweet moment together as they go through each item. However, rather than just picking out a cute box from Amazon, the best memory keepsake box to give as a christening present is one that’s unique and personalised. 


  • Our Pick

We recommend the Personalised Memory Keepsake Box from Hand Crafted Gift Boxes, a curated gift box service company based in Mandurah, Western Australia that specializes in creating bespoke, wooden keepsake boxes.


Made from wood of the finest quality, the Personalised Memory Keepsake Box exudes a simple, rustic design with its natural grain and knots which are common features of wooden products.


Upon ordering, you can choose lovely design options such as a wreath or a whimsical tree to inscribe on the lid. To add an even more personalised touch, your chosen designs will also include inscriptions of the child’s name, birth date, weight or even a special little poem.


The Personalised Memory Keepsake Box retails at $68.00. The company also offers Afterpay, so you can be sure you’ll be able to afford this precious gift on time. 


Personalised Story Books

Books are always a great gift idea, no matter the occasion. Even when the child is too young to read, books can be easily kept in the nursery or in the living room bookshelf.


One of the best unique christening gifts you can give is a personalised storybook. You can create your own story with the soon-to-be-baptized child as the hero or the heroine. You can choose stories that spark a child’s imagination - from chasing dragons to discovering Australia’s natural beauty, this is a cool, fun christening present that the parents will love, too.


Our Pick

For this gift idea, we’ve chosen 2 awesome companies that offer creative, fun and Personalised storybooks.


Story Books For Me - their fun, whimsical custom storybooks feature characters that can be personalised to the child’s name, skin tone, hair, you name it - one lucky little boy or girl will be the star of his or her own story. Their books are also large and easy for small hands and fingers to read and hold.


You can watch this video here to learn more about how it all works. 


Tiny Me - what we love about Tiny Me is how unique their illustrations are. Still big, bright and colourful (just like how children like their books), Tiny Me’s creative style is more contemporary with a hint of vintage. Definitely a picture book you’d like to show off in your child’s playroom. Their stories are wonderfully imaginative, too! 


Speaking of books, another great gift idea is a charming keepsake book. You can personalize it further by writing a letter or a note addressed to the child. We would suggest for you to either write it on a separate note card or on the last page of the keepsake book to make room for the parents to use the front pages.


Personalised Christening Art

You can’t go wrong with art as a baptism present, and you can personalize it, too! Whether it’s a christening print, wall art or baubles for the nursery, here are some unique, contemporary christening art that will go well in the nursery, bedroom or proudly displayed in the living room:



Did you find anything that you like? Whatever christening gift you choose, baptisms are celebrated not only for the baby but for the baby’s loving family, too. A good tip would be to pick a gift that will be cherished by everyone.


If you’re looking for something more specific, the upcoming sections will include a curated list of lovely, contemporary christening gifts specifically for boys and for girls.


Modern Christening Gifts For Girls

Little girls that are about to be christened deserve charming, whimsical yet contemporary baptism gifts. Here are some gift ideas to inspire you:


Modern Christening Gifts For Boys 

You might find it a challenge to find custom christening presents for playful little boys. But just like girls, parents and loved ones would love for them to receive charming, heartfelt gifts, too. Here are some  gift ideas to inspire you:

Aren’t our baptism gift ideas simply gorgeous


However, if you’ve been chosen as a godparent, then you might want to do more than just a simple Google search for gift ideas. You will hold a very special place in the child’s life and you’ll want to give something that will stand out. 


Continue on to the next section to find a specific list of christening presents curated especially for godparents to give to their godsons or goddaughters.


Christening Gifts From Godparents

It’s an honour to be chosen as a child’s godparent. Given this special role in a child’s life, parents surely put a lot of careful thought into who their child’s godparents would be. To celebrate this new role and the child’s christening, it’s best to give a baptism gift that’s both unique and memorable. 


Shop from our curated godparent-appropriate christening gift ideas below:


More classic than contemporary, this lovely engraved silver jewellery box from Personalised Favours will do great as a keepsake box for a little girl's jewellery and trinkets. Your name as godmother is engraved on the silver lid, so you will always be remembered.


Namely Co. specialises in personalised cot and bassinet knit blankets. Soft and made from premium materials, you can choose from their lovely range of personalised, pastel-coloured blankets with the child’s first name. The result is a beautiful minimalist blanket that will be cherished for years to come.


Our pick is from Queensland-based Sorrento Boutique. They specialize in beautiful, bespoke christening wear and accessories. Their personalized christening candles are an ideal gift from godparents who would like to give something symbolic and memorable.


Contemporary yet classic, Wedgwood’s options for personalised christening gifts are luxe options for proud godparents. From Wedgwood, you can shop Vera Wang photo frames, coin banks and baby tooth boxes. 


Engraved on this wooden keepsake is a poem dedicated to your precious godchild. Choose from blue, pink or white embellishments.


Do you have photos together with your soon-to-be godchild? A great way to capture lovely moments would be to frame them in this personalised godparent photo frame. 


A beautiful keepsake engraved with the name of the child, this personalised baby cutlery is a lovely gift for your godchild. These can definitely be used as decorative cutlery in a special spot in the kitchen or nursery.


But what if you simply want to give cash as a gift? That’s a good option, too. Continue on to the next section as we talk more about money to give as a christening present.


Can I Give Money As A Christening Gift?

The answer is a resounding “Yes, you can.” While some people argue that cash gifts are “shortcuts” compared to more heartfelt, carefully chosen gifts, that’s not always the case. Money as a christening present can be meaningful, too, especially in cases where the family of the child is currently experiencing financial difficulty. In these cases, cash gifts will be considered an enormous blessing and help the parent priorities what they’d most like to get for their child.


If you’ve been chosen to be a godparent, money as a christening present can be regarded as a sincere gesture for the child, especially if the given amount is substantial. For example, the parents can utilize the money you give to put towards a savings account or school tuition fund. Or, if the child was born premature, with special needs or serious birth complications, money can be put towards medical bills or special care.


When giving money, you also need to consider if the family prefers it or not. You can have a discreet chat with the parents or family members to find out if money is appreciated or they’d prefer something more personalised and unique.


How much money should you give as a christening present? 

As mentioned in the first section of this article, the cost of your baptism gift can largely depend on two main things: your budget and how close you are to the child’s family. The same considerations can be made if you do decide to give money as a gift.


Common baptism etiquette tells us that godparents and close family members are usually expected to give a more substantial amount, upwards of $100 or more, if possible. Distant relatives and acquaintances can give smaller amounts of less than $100.


Whatever your preference is, it’s definitely agreed that a baby’s christening is a once-in-a-lifetime event that’s worthy of a happy celebration. What better way to commemorate this major milestone than with unique christening gifts.


Now that we’ve covered lots of lovely inspiration and ideas for christening presents, it’s time to learn the best ways to wrap them. The next section will talk about some basic tips for wrapping baptism gifts.


How To Wrap A Christening Gift

Avid gift-givers know that shopping for the gift is only half the fun. The other half? Wrapping it! From gorgeous wrapping paper to tying it off nicely with a personalised gift tag, wrapping a christening gift is just as important as the gift itself.


Here are some quick, easy tips for christening gift wrapping like a pro:


  1. Have everything you need ready on a flat, spacious table:
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift box


  1. When choosing your ribbon/wrapping paper, check first if the christening has a specific theme. It’s best to wrap the gift with wrapping paper that’s on-theme.


  1. A secret weapon for pro gift wrappers is double-sided tape. It’s easy to cut and neat to look at.


  1. Research and practice. 


If you’re a beginner at gift wrapping, you’ll want to practice. A quick search online should give you some basic tips for gift wrapping. We’ll start you off with a couple of links:


Step-by-step gift wrapping

Easy, gift wrapping life hacks


If you’re feeling crafty, check out our christening gift-wrapping ideas below:


Weaving in pieces of soft, pastel-coloured paper on a white wrapping paper gives the gift a colourful yet minimalist appearance. It will look lovely on the gift table.


One great thing about gifting a keepsake box is that it also doubles as a gift box! Fill it with little goodies for the baby and you’re all set.


Monochromatic combinations like black/white or grey/white make lovely wrapping paper prints that have a contemporary look. Tie it off nicely with a thin, brightly-coloured ribbon for a pop of colour, your gift will look extra-special.


  • DIY wrapping paper & paper bags

Using lace, ribbon, pom-poms and cut-outs, these lovely ideas from Pinterest make great ideas for unique, personalised, DIY christening gift wrapping:


Feathers and neon pops gift wrap

Dreamy-themed gift wrapping ideas

Simple green flowers gift wrap

Woodland-themed gift wrap

Dressing Up the Basic Box


You’re almost ready for a very special little boy or girl’s christening! Check out a couple more FAQs below that will help you prepare for the special day.



Related Questions

What should I wear to a christening?

Most baptisms occur during spring or summer seasons. Ladies can generally opt for smart yet casual, light-coloured outfits while the gentlemen will look cool and crisp in light suits. It’s also good to remember that these are usually traditional occasions so make sure your outfit is modest and just a bit more formal than usual (eg. you might want to skip jeans and trainers).

Is a 'baptism' different from a 'christening’?

 It’s acceptable to use these terms interchangeably as they do refer to the same ceremony. However, there are slight differences in the meanings of these two terms. Baptism is a Catholic term for one of the Seven Holy Sacraments while “christen” is actually the part of the baptism ceremony where the baby is named e.g. “I christen this child (child’s name), in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” These two terms can be used in varying ways across different denominations, so the parents may refer to their child’s ceremony with one or the other.