Best Handmade Baby Shower Gifts in Perth (2022 Gift Guide)

There is so much to choose from when it comes to buying a gift for a baby shower! Luckily buying gifts for our precious bubs has never been easier. But, even with limitless choices available online, it can still be challenging to find the perfect gift for a baby shower in Perth.  

You don’t want your gift to be a generic off-the-shelf item that they’ll potentially get from five other people.  So, what’s the perfect gift for a baby shower? Well, there’s only one kind: a handmade gift. 

By choosing a local handmade gift, you can support Perth small businesses and find a completely unique present at the same time. If you can’t drop by a local market right now, we’ve made a list of Perth’s best handmade baby gift ideas you can choose from.

Even better, you can order each of these unique gifts online, delivered to you or straight to the recipient. Here’s our list of the best handmade baby shower gifts made locally in Perth, Western Australia.  


Personalised Baby Shower Gifts Perth

A personalised gift is always a good idea! When you gift someone with a personalised item, it shows that you’ve put extra thought and effort into the gift. So, if you have a baby shower coming up, consider giving the parents-to-be a personalised gift! 

Check out our list of the top personalised baby shower gifts in Perth:      

1. Personalised Baby Keepsake Boxes 

This is the perfect gift for a precious new arrival. There are four types of gift boxes to choose from: Little Baby Gift BoxPrecious Baby Gift Box, and Deluxe Baby Gift Box. Each gift box contains a special assortment of handpicked essential baby items (wooden moon rattle, crocheted baby blanket, knitted comforter, baby balm, baby ink) that mum and dad will love. You can also have the contents of your gift box customised by swapping the items inside to fit your preference. 

The gift box itself is a work of art. It is sustainably made from forestry-certified timber, with the wood’s unique natural grain still showing. The sliding lid makes the box elegant and easy to use. What’s more, you can choose a design and have that hand-engraved on the box along with the baby’s name, birth date, length, width, and any other text you’d like to include. 

All gift boxes are hand engraved by a small business in Western Australia. As the baby grows, the box can be used to store keepsakes, like snips of hair, milk teeth, drawings, letters, and more.

2. Personalised Wooden Bag Tag 

Another fantastic gift from Hand Crafted Gift Boxes is a personalised wooden bag tag. This is a great gift that will be useful for years to come. While the new bub is young, it will make a great addition to the new parent’s baby bag, and makes a great addition to your baby photos as well. And once they reach school age, it will be a unique name tag they can place on their school bag. 

In addition to having the name engraved, you can also choose one of the following styles to go on the tag: flower, rainbow, butterfly, unicorn, tractor, or dinosaur. 

3. Personalised Baby Prints 

Cute prints to go in the nursery are a great baby shower gift for everyone. New parents love to use these to decorate and personalise the nursery for their new baby. At C+Co Perth, you can choose a unique design for your print and personalise it by adding the name and birthdate of the new baby. 

You can choose between a digital and physical print. There is also an extensive range of adorable designs you can select from. 

4. Personalised Baby Swaddle Set 

Every newborn needs a cute swaddle set. This is a great practical baby shower gift that the new parents will get a lot of use out of. To make this gift even better, you can buy a personalised swaddle set with the new arrival’s name printed on the items. 

This set comes with a swaddle and beanie in an adorable Australian animal print and can be customised with any name. 

5. Personalised Dummy Clip & Rattle 

Every new baby needs a dummy clip and rattle! Why not make these essential items into something unique by buying a personalised set from Gab and Bub Designs Perth. This is a  thoughtful gift for any baby shower. 

These items are available in a range of colours and materials so that you can personalise the gift set to your liking. 

Handmade Baby Shower Gifts Perth

Handmade gifts are another thoughtful gift idea. Something about locally handmade gifts adds a sentimental and personal touch to a present. When it comes to buying a gift for a baby shower, there are plenty of handmade options in Perth! 

Check out our list of the top handmade baby shower gifts in Perth:   

1. Blush & Blocks Baby Play Mat

A playmat is a must-have when you have a baby. This versatile piece of textile is handy when travelling and can serve as a changing mat and a sleeping mat as well as being used for playtime. This playmat is waterproof and dual-sided. It has a water-resistant surface and waterproof vegan leather base, so it’s perfect as a change mat as well as sensory play when things are bound to get messy. On the other hand, the soft plush surface will keep your little one comfy at home and on the go. It comes in different designs and sizes (compact and family) and even comes with a handle and backpack for easy handling and storage. You can choose from a range of fun and funky designs, so there’s a perfect match for every family.     

2. Crocheted Beanie/Bonnet and Toys 

Crocheted baby bits are a lovely handmade gift because they give off a warm and homely feel. Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures like adults, so a crocheted beanie or bonnet is a great accessory to help keep the baby warm on chilly days whilst still looking adorable. The crocheted toys from Leita’s Crochet are also a great gift addition: They’re soft and colourful and can be great cuddly bed companions for the little one.  What’s best is that every item is handmade in Bunbury, Western Australia.        

3. Cot Quilts 

A cot quilt is one of those great gifts that all parents need: they are soft, comfortable, and easy to wash. Every item in the store is designed and handmade here in Australia, and the quality really reflects how much care is taken with each one. The cot quilt range from Little Love Rugs are multi-purpose and can be used to snuggle at bedtime or lay down for tummy time. When the baby has outgrown its use, it can be kept as a special childhood memento or passed on to the next sibling or generation, making it a lovely family ‘heirloom.’ The cot quilt is made from 100% cotton and comes in several unique and beautiful designs.       

4. Crochet Pram Blanket 

This amazing hand-crocheted pram blanket is a baby bag staple! Parents can bring it with them when they travel with their baby in the pram, car, or as a lovely accessory for the nursery at home. This mustard blanket is made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic yarn. It is also available in another design that is made of 100% cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Both designs are easy to clean and can be machine-washed, or hand washed using cold water and dried in the shade. By purchasing the blanket, you even get a complimentary card and gift wrapping.   

5. Bibs & Burp Cloths 

Making a mess is an unavoidable part of having a baby. So, it’s always best to be prepared. New parents will always be grateful to have a variety of absorbent bibs and burp cloths on hand - you can never have too many!  There are plenty of designs to choose from, with regular updates of new colourful designs that mum and bub will love. These are great practical gifts for parents. Little Bambino Bear also stocks nappy clutches, nursing pads and cushions, all handmade in Perth.

6. Framed Nursery Paper Art 

This is a unique baby gift that is more for the nursery than the baby - but no doubt they’ll be treasured by new parents all the same. The different kinds of paper art featured here can be given as a gift to spruce up the baby’s room to give it a more relaxing, inviting feel. The designs are inspired by nature, and they can be framed or displayed on the shelf or the wall. Each amazing art piece is handmade here in Perth, inspired by nature and featuring a stunning range of birds and animals that baby will adore.    

7. Sensory Blanket 

Babies become aware of their surroundings through their senses. That is why it is important to provide them with toys that will help them develop their senses and are safe to use. A great gift to aid in this development is the sensory blanket from Pepe & Peach, a local mum-owned business. Each sensory blanket is a  soft square cloth with animal prints surrounded by ribbon tags of different colours and lengths, and a ring made of natural wood to allow little hands to pull and tug and explore.

8. Baby Bar Soap

This extra gentle, skin-loving soap naturally cleanses without drying the skin. It is free from harmful chemicals, zero waste and super gentle and luxurious and is safe to use every day on newborn skin. It is made with Australian olive oil, shea butter, zinc and includes chamomile and lavender essential oil for soothing and calming. This product comes with three different packaging options to suit your needs, including waste-free packaging. New parents will never complain about having too many bath products, so you can’t go wrong with this present. 

9. Felt Ball Crib Mobile

A crib mobile is a great decorative piece for the nursery, but more importantly, it helps soothe a baby by giving it something to focus on. These beautiful handmade mobiles also help babies develop their motor skills. This felt ball crib mobile is made from high-quality wool with a cord adjusted according to the preferred height. Its light material makes it easy to hang, and the fun colours make it a beautiful and unique addition to any nursery. JarofWildMoments uses 100% New Zealand wool and handcrafts these unique mobiles locally.

10. Bunny Teething Ring 

A teething baby equals a fussy baby. So it’s essential to have something to help comfort the little one during this tough time. A teething ring is just the thing - and when you buy local, you can support a Perth small business at the same time. This baby teething ring is made from natural and untreated beechwood and features soft cotton and towelling fabric wrapped around the top to resemble bunny ears. This product is also naturally antibacterial, non-toxic and chemical-free! These teethers are available in various patterns, so you can handpick which one you love most.

11. Timber Baby Play Gym

A baby gym is a fun way to help promote hand-eye coordination in babies. Skip the plastic versions and take a look at this all-natural, Perth-made alternative. This baby play gym is made from pine, giving it a natural look to suit any home. It doesn’t need tools to be assembled and can be folded down for easy storage. It doesn’t come with hanging toys, so you can buy them separately based on your preferred design and style. This gift will make the perfect addition to any bub’s toy collection.

12. Rainbow Linen Swing 

In just a few months, a baby can already sit up! So, what better gift to give than this rainbow linen swing that comes with pillows and an adjustable safety belt. It is handmade in Western Australia with thick linen, bamboo dowels, and wooden beads. For durability, the bamboo dowels and wooden beads are also coated with natural, non-toxic oil. In addition, the pillow covers are washable, and the polyester stuffing is hypoallergenic to make it safe for little ones.  This unique gift will be a hit with babies and parents.

Related Questions

What Can I Make for a Baby Gift?

If you prefer to give a handmade baby gift, the internet is a treasure trove of great DIY projects. You don’t even have to be an arts-and-crafts person to make them. Some ideas you can try are:

  • Patchwork baby quilts
  • Cloth blocks 
  • Beanies or headbands
  • Cloth toys to on a play gym or car seat
  • Bibs and burp cloths
  • Playmats
  • Sensory blankets 
  • Crib mobiles 

Most of these only require a few colourful fabrics that need to be sewn together using a pattern. The instructions for making them are available on Google or YouTube. The stitches don’t even have to be perfect. That’s the beauty of handmade things; the imperfections give it character and charm!

What’s more, when something is handmade, you can be assured that it is unique and special because no two handmade things will be exactly alike.

Why Should I Buy Local Handmade Gifts?       

There are a number of reasons why you should choose to buy local handmade gifts! Firstly, it shows that you have pride in your local region. Shopping local also creates jobs and helps boost the local economy, especially when you support small businesses. In recent years, there has been a growing market for handmade products because they are of better quality, more environmentally friendly, and sustainable. It also helps promote local culture and traditions. Local businesses are also more attuned to the needs of their respective communities, which is reflected in the products that they sell. Finally, it lets you get to know the members of your community!  

What Should I Put in a Baby Shower Gift Basket?

A gift basket is a popular and much-loved gift for a baby shower! The best items you can put in a baby shower gift basket are a baby balm, muslin wraps, headbands, bibs, bonnets, nursing pads, teethers, and more! 

At Hand Crafted Gift Boxes, you can choose a baby keepsake box design or custom engraved box and have it personalised to place all your goodies inside. What’s better is that you can also buy all these goodies from the store to place inside your gift basket, including:

This is a great way to put together a group of small, practical gifts that new parents will actually use. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your Perth baby shower gift basket, check out Hand Crafted Gift Boxes

What Is the Most Common Baby Shower Gift?

If there isn’t a registry for a baby shower, you can’t go wrong by choosing a common baby shower gift. This includes strollers, monitors, high chairs, swaddles, nursing supplies, toys and, probably the most common, cute clothes! 

There are so many useful products to choose from when buying a gift for a baby shower! The expecting parents often put together a registry of items they would like. This lets their baby shower guests know what they do and don’t need and keep tabs on what has already been purchased.

If all the practical gifts have been ticked off, consider a baby keepsake box or hamper with some unique handmade products. This will really stand out from store-bought gifts and ensure the new parents will treasure your baby shower present. 

Do You Give a Baby Gift if You Gave a Shower Gift?

You may be wondering if you also need to get a gift for a baby when it is born if you already gave the expected parents a baby shower gift. Well, the answer is no! You should not feel obligated to provide another gift to the new parents. Chances are they got everything they needed at their baby shower. 

However, if the new parents are close friends or family, you may choose to get them another gift when the baby is born. It can be exciting when a new baby joins the family, and buying cute gifts can be hard to resist! 


 Looking for the perfect Perth baby shower gifts? Choose a gift the new parents will treasure with a baby keepsake box from Hand Crafted Gift Boxes, handmade locally in Western Australia. 

View our range of baby gift boxes here:

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