22 Unforgettable Father’s Day Experience Gifts in Perth

It can be hard to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for Aussie dads. We have all heard the men in our life say they ‘don’t want anything’ and ‘have everything they need’ before – so what do you get for the dad who has everything? A fantastic Perth gift experience, of course!

Don’t wait for the last minute to buy something special for your dad this fathers day; otherwise, you may end up giving him socks or underwear, again! With so many fantastic gifts for Father’s Day in Australia, your dad can enjoy an exciting and unforgettable gift experience this year. 

There are plenty of Perth gift experiences you can choose from for Father’s Day. Unique activities like race car drifting, water biking, boat rides, adventure flights, and island exploration can create a lasting memory. Just make sure you choose something that matches your dad’s hobbies and interests. 

Let’s face it, our fathers are not always the type to appreciate things like flowers, chocolates, and jewellery, which are simple go-to gifts for mothers! Instead, pay attention to your dad’s interests and hobbies. What gets him excited? There’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect gift voucher for every Perth dad out there. 

Show dad how much he is worth to you this Father’s Day by giving him a thoughtful and unique experience. Even better, we’ve got some great ideas on how to gift an experience voucher in a special and memorable way. 

For the best Father’s Day gift yet, read on to discover the best Perth gift experiences for dads.


While an experience is always a winning gift idea, the presentation can often be underwhelming. Making a Father’s Day present can be hard when you can’t wrap a physical gift. To make it special, consider wrapping your experience gift voucher in a personalised keepsake box with a few related items. 

When you purchase an experience as a gift, it typically comes as a gift voucher or booking reference. We understand this can seem underwhelming to hand over at the family Father’s Day lunch or BBQ. But don’t worry, we have some ideas on the best ways to present an experience gift to your dad! 

The best way to present an experience gift is in a personalised gift box, engraved with a design that’s perfect for your dad. This shows your dad you have gone that extra mile to make this gift special. Handcrafted Gift Boxes is a local small business creating personalised keepsake boxes in Perth that double as the perfect gift box. While the experience remains the key gift you are exchanging; the keepsake gift box is a physical reminder of your fantastic Father’s Day gift he’ll treasure!

In addition to the voucher, you can include a small gift related to the Perth gift experience you’ve chosen. This may be a small item that symbolises the experience or something they will need to use the experience. For a driving experience, this may be racing gloves or a Matchbox car; for a hiking experience or bush tour, include a compass or map. This allows you to wrap up a small gift that your dad can keep, along with his personalised Father’s Day gift box. 

Some other fun ideas include themed packaging, a scavenger hunt, a creative photo representing the gift, or a puzzle. Get creative and knock his socks off this Father’s Day! 


Here are 22 of the best Perth gift experiences for dad:

1. Hit a Drift at Drift School

Drifting in an authentic vehicle is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and memorable gifts a dad can experience. Drifting is a driving technique that involves spinning the car sideways at a fast speed. If your dad is a bit of a thrill-seeker – this is the perfect experience for him this Father’s Day!  

This drifting takes place at Wanneroo Raceway, organised by Drift School Western Australia. Dad can go for the ‘Drift Xperience’ joyride. This involves riding in a high-powered turbo or V8 pro drift car driven by a professional drift driver. Your dad will get to enjoy the fast-paced drifting through 2 up to 10 hot laps. Previous drifting experience is not necessary!

Drift School WA also provides various drifting courses for drivers of all levels. World-class instructors handle these lessons and courses in a safe and controlled setting. Adrenaline-junkie dads will get a kick out of this Father’s Day gift!

2. See Who Is a Better Shot At Clay Shooting

Put your dad’s shooting skills to the test by booking him a clay shooting experience. This activity is fun and exciting, but it is also a great way to build confidence. A clay shooting package usually includes the session, equipment, and professional coaching. Therefore, it is not a problem if your dad has never tried it before. 

The session starts with a briefing on target shooting safety and a training session with qualified instructors. You can also opt to sign your dad up for a friendly competition with other participants.

3. Test Your Team Work at Laser Tag

Laser tag is an entertaining and adrenaline-pumping gift experience for any Perth dad this Father’s Day. This activity is not just shooting people aimlessly; it is all about creating strategies to defeat the enemy. A laser tag session usually revolves around a combat mission and involves using laser guns with a range of more than 100 metres. The guns will be shooting invisible infrared beams that won’t leave a mark!

Referees of this laser tag game typically split the group into teams, so your dad will need to work with others. He will navigate diverse terrains like river banks, small forests, open fields, barricades, and foxholes. He may win or lose, but every dad will enjoy out-witting the enemy or learning to laugh at his defeat. This is an action-packed activity from start to finish! The best part? The whole family can join in at laser tag! 

4. Go Head to Head at Paintball Skirmish

If you want a messier and more visual take on a fun shooting game, then paintball skirmish is the Father’s Day Gift experience you need!

A paintball session is a game of patience and strategy. This activity may last for at least 3 hours and involves missions like raising a flag or capturing a town. 

A paintball skirmish experience will keep your dad on his toes and challenge his combat intelligence. Although it can take hours, the time may seem to fly by, especially because participants will be using semi-automated paintball guns with about 100 paintballs at their disposal. In addition, paintball sessions usually take place in custom-built themed arenas to elevate the excitement of the experience. 

You can take your dad and have his mates of the family tag along for this action-packed paintballing experience! 

5. Relive the Past at a Treetop Rope and Ziplining Course

The Treetop Rope and Ziplining Course can give your dad the outdoor excitement he may be longing for this Father’s Day. This adventure course sits in Dwellingup, within the Margaret River region. It offers a 2.5-hour treetop canopy experience where participants will balance, swing, and zip through trees while trying to complete some of the 80 skill challenges. There are also 30 flying foxes to challenge your dad’s ziplining prowess. 

The activity fee already includes all necessary safety equipment and expert guides, who will provide support and assistance. The treetop rope and ziplining course is an ideal experience for the entire family, so it won’t be a bad idea to join dad in this adventure with nature. 

6. Explore a Whole New World With a Guided Cave Tour

If dad is an explorer at heart; he would love this underground crystal cave tour. Jewel Cave is the biggest show cave in Western Australia and is known for its three large chambers. This guided tour features all three chambers and various natural formations like helictites, stalagmites, and stones. 

The one-hour tour comes with a guide that engages participants and tells them about the Jewel Cave’s history, secrets, and well-known stories. One of the cave’s popularly told stories involves the extinct Tasmanian Tigers. Some of these now-extinct tigers somehow fell into the cave. During modern times, researchers discovered the skeletons of the Tasmanian Tigers that are still amazingly well-preserved after centuries.  

This experience will be the perfect gift for any dad who loves to explore and indulge in history.

7. Enjoy Summer Properly on A 6 Hour Snorkelling Tour 

Take your dad on a coastal and underwater adventure he will never forget! Although it may last several hours, your dad will not get bored! This experience will highlight the Margaret River region and its gorgeous sceneries. Participants will get to walk over cliffs and venture into areas not frequented by tourists. 

On this tour, your dad can jump into the crystal clear waters and get the chance to see wild stingrays in action. These stingrays usually gather in the shallow waters around Hamelin Bay. Participants will also trek or ride a bike through the forest and enjoy a gourmet picnic on a beach. This picnic includes drinking top-notch wine and admiring the sweeping views of the rugged coastal cliffs. 

This experience is definitely one your dad won’t forget anytime soon! 

8. Slip and Slide at Outback Splash 

Outback Splash is a great place to have a splashing good time. It is also one of the excellent Father’s Day gift experiences in Perth that can involve the entire family. 

Located in the Swan Valley, this waterpark is very accessible from the city of Perth. It is open all year round and has attractions ideal for all ages. Outback Splash features several waterslides and water-based attractions, including an exciting three-level water slide playground. But this themed park also has mazes, nine-hole mini-golf, animal sanctuaries, a kid zone, and sensory play. 

Overall, visiting Outback Splash is the kind of experience that everyone in the family will enjoy, and that’s what dads always want!

9. Zip Around Rottnest Island on a Guided Segway Tour 

Rottnest Island sits just off the coast of Perth, so it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift destination. Your dad will love so many things about this island – breathtaking scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and magnificent beaches. But what makes an exploration of an entire island faster and more fun? The answer is a guided segway tour!

segway tour on Rottnest Island will allow participants to cover more ground and visit beaches, hidden bays, and the island’s famous historic settlements. A tour guide will join the group and share stories about these settlements. During the experience, your dad may even spot a Quokka, a marsupial native to Australia. Dad will need to have his camera ready to capture the breathtaking views during this gift experience! 

10. Live it Up on a BBQ Boat Ride 

Everybody loves a good Father’s Day barbecue, especially Aussie dads. But how about giving a twist to this familiar Australian activity? Treat dad to not just a barbeque but also a boat ride around Ocean Marina Canal in Mandurah. Mandurah is only about 70 kilometres from Perth and is home to an award-winning marina.

For this BBQ boat ride, your dad and his party will be riding a fun-looking doughnut-shaped electric boat. The boat can accommodate 6 to 8 passengers. It comes with a table in the middle, cutlery, and cooking utensils, and a coal BBQ is available for rent. Participants will need to bring their food, drinks, and a cooler. This activity is fun but still convenient as it does not require a boat licence or experience from participants!  

11. Tour Perth’s Best Botanical Garden 

Mother nature has a way of providing inner peace and rejuvenation, and your dad may appreciate this kind of opportunity. So why not take him to tour Araluen Botanic Park this Father’s Day? Araluen is one of the best botanical gardens in Perth. It manages a large selection of exotic plants and flowers. Aralen also boasts incredible history and heritage. 

On your dad’s visit, he can go for a guided hike covering about 4.5 kilometres. This hiking tour will take you through terraces, stoned pathways, bushlands, and natural pillars. The park also maintains a collection of log cabins built in the 1930s. Participants can go through individual cabins surrounded by exotic plant species flourishing in Perth Hills. 

12. Visit Broome, the Heart of Western Australia 

If your dad is fascinated with the outback, he will adore this Broome adventure. This trip goes into the heart of the Kimberly region, where natural wonders like the Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge await! 

Your dad will spend the entire day outside exploring remote and beautiful landscapes. The tour starts with a visit to the Willare Bridge and a crossing of the Fitzroy River. There will be a morning tea break at the historical Prison Boab Tree. Then the tour continues onward to Gibb River Road and Widjana Gorge. At Widjana, the guide will provide a picnic lunch. Then the trip ventures into the Tunnel Creek cave system in the afternoon. This date with the Australian outback may leave your dad tired, but he will be very satisfied!

13. Go on an Eco Forest and Bush Tour 

The beach and forest make an excellent combination, which is what this activity promises and more! The Eco Forest and Bush Tour begins at Warren National Park treats participants to wonderful farmland scenery. Warren Park is also known for its breathtaking river valleys and a giant Karri forest, and your dad will get to see all of that! There will be some hiking and many 4WD rides, so there’s never a dull moment on this trip. 

This tour does not just end at Warren National Park; it will continue to D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Here, dad can visit the Dead Man’s Lake and Australia’s biggest landlocked sand dune system.This is the perfect Father’s Day gift experience for any dad who loves the outdoors! 

14. Hit The Sand Dunes Quad Biking

Quad Biking is one of the best gift experiences for dads who love an adrenaline rush! This experience takes place on the white dunes of Lancelin. This small fishing town is about 127 kilometres north of Perth and is known for its watersports, diving sites, and pearly white sand dunes. Lancelin’s dunes are some of the largest in Western Australia, so quad bikers will have plenty of space to zip around. 

After quad biking, your dad can grab a sandboard and slide down from steep dunes. Some of these dunes can rise to three stories. But don’t worry; your dad will have plenty of time to practice his sandboarding skills and slowly build more confidence and speed. 

On top of the fast-paced biking and sandboarding, participants of this activity will be treated to beautiful views of the neighbouring farmland and the Indian Ocean. This experience is a great excuse to get away to beautiful Lancelin with your dad on Father’s Day and enjoy these great outdoor activities. 

15. Snorkel with Sharks at AQWA

Underwater adventure with the sharks is what awaits your dad at the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA). Located in Hillarys Boat Harbour, AQWA is a world-class marine attraction sitting on the shores of the Indian Ocean. 

In this activity, participants will experience a guided snorkelling session that will explore AQWA’s massive single aquarium called Shipwreck Coast. While here, your dad will be able to swim close to stunning marine creatures like stingrays, turtles, and sharks! A ticket entry already includes full equipment and a snorkelling briefing by a trainer. 

After dad’s unforgettable snorkelling experience, he can spend the remaining time admiring the aquarium’s more than 40 impressive exhibits. One popular exhibit features a collection of living coral reefs – one of the biggest in the world. 

16. Live in the Future with a Jetpack and Flyboard Experience 

If your dad enjoys experiencing thrills at high altitudes, a jetpack ride will be unforgettable. Jetpack riding is one of the newest thrilling watersports around. A jetpack unit comes with thrust nozzles that release hundreds of litres of water at high pressure. This pressure is powerful enough to blast the person 10 metres above the water!

But flying around with a jetpack is just the first half of this experience. This package also includes riding the Flyboard. This board also uses water-jet power to propel people above the water and under it. 

You don’t have to worry if your dad has never done jetpacking and flyboarding before. Participants will get proper training from an experienced instructor, who will give enough time for practice. This Father’s Day gift is definitely an experience your dad won’t forget soon! 

17. Go on a Family Water Bike Expedition

Does your dad enjoy bike rides? How about gifting him the experience of a water bike expedition? Water biking is a unique twist to a beloved activity. Instead of biking on the streets, your dad will cycle his way through Mandurah’s waterways on a water bike. And he doesn’t need to do it alone; the whole family can join in on this fun experience! 

This expedition follows a set route, but participants still have control over the pacing. Your group may pedal leisurely or challenge each other to a race. 

This 60-minute water bike tour is eco-friendly and features views of the Mandjar Bar, the historic Halls Cottage, and the grand waterfront homes along Mandurah’s canals.You may even spot playful dolphins along the way!

18. Learn to Sail Course 

Make your dad feel like a real boat captain with this amazing Sailing Course. The course offers hands-on sailing lessons with an experienced coach. It will cover basic sailing skills like steering and hoisting sails. 

But the Father’s Day fun and excitement doesn’t end there. After learning how to sail, your dad will get to experience manoeuvring a 29 -foot Challenger Yacht. On top of this, your dad will get to enjoy Perth’s coastal views and the smell of the fresh ocean air. He can take his time and savour the moment as the whole activity usually lasts for half a day and starts early in the morning. 

19. Hire a Jet Ski For an Hour 

Let dad loose on Father’s Day and make the ocean his playground by treating yourself to an exhilarating jet ski ride! This activity takes place along the foreshore of South Perth. For 60 minutes, your dad can blast across the water at high speeds using a 2019 Seadoo GTI jet ski. The best thing is he doesn’t need a licence to do so!

This Jet Ski Experience includes safety equipment and proper briefing by a professional. After the briefing, your dad gains full control of this powerful jet ski. He can go fast and perform twists and turns to his heart’s content. The ride will also offer nice views of the cityscape and the coast. 

20. Enjoy a 60 Minute Warbird Adventure Flight with Aerobatics

This Warbird Adventure Flight will fill your dad’s need for speed up in the air. This unique adventure flight features a red warbird aircraft that offers four different adventure flight paths. Your dad can choose one of the flight paths with set missions.

This experience is not for the faint of heart! Your dad should prepare for aircraft aerobatic manoeuvres like barrel rolls and loops. He will also get a bird-eye-view of landmarks iconic to Perth. This one-hour adventure flight package includes pre-flight briefing and photoshoot opportunities. Dad can even wear an authentic vintage military flight suit! Doesn’t every dad want that unique Father’s Day experience? 

21. Take Control at The Jet Flight Simulator Perth

Your dad may be the type who finds piloting a commercial plane fascinating. One of the best things to fulfil this fantasy is to treat him to a Jet Flight Simulator session. With this session, your dad will experience how it feels to be an aeroplane captain!

This one-hour-long activity involves controlling a top-of-the-line flight simulator based on the Boeing 737 airliner, one of the best commercial aircraft in the world today. It offers participants a selection of about 25,000 different airport settings. An experienced pilot will also provide pre-flight briefing and hands-on simulator training. 

22. Ride The Jarrahdale Horse Trail Ride

One of the best ways to relax and clear your mind is to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Jarrahdale is a great destination to do just that! This small town is one of the oldest settlements in Western Australia. Located in the Darling Range, Jarrahdale is surrounded by Jarrah forest and is home to hills, bushes, farmlands, and a large wildlife population. 

Dad can explore the beauty and serenity Jarrahdale offers with this horse trail ride. One popular stop is Bald Hill, which offers sweeping views of Perth CBD and the ocean. Previous horse riding experience is not necessary. An instructor will be there to match the right horse to every participant’s skill level.

If your dad is a horse lover or simply enjoys nature, this is a fantastic Father’s Day gift experience near Perth.


Which Gift Is Best for A Father From Daughter?

Instead of socks and undies, mix things up and give a gift experience voucher for dad that you can also join in. Activity packages like quad biking, race car drifting, and snorkelling with sharks will bring in a lot of thrill and laughter and create a memorable bonding experience for dads and daughters. Choose an experience you can enjoy together for a memorable father-daughter experience!

How Do You Make Your Dad Feel Special?

There are so many ways you can make your dad feel special! One of the best ways is with a thoughtful gift. A personalised gift is a fantastic way to show your dad that you’ve really put thought and effort into his gift! 

You can find any item that your dad would love and have it personalised to add a special touch to it. Alternatively, you can gift him a personalised keepsake box. This is a special gift your dad can use to store all his favourite mementos and personal items. This gift will make any dad feel special!

What Do Dads Like for Father’s Day in Australia?

The best presents for dads in Australia are the ones that are unexpected, thoughtful, and meaningful. If your dad is not used to an “experience” as a gift, this may be the best time to try it out. Activities that involve drifting a supercar, shooting paintballs, and controlling a jet flight simulator will catch him by surprise (in a good way!). Experiences like island tours, snorkelling, and eco-adventures may require more money and preparation, but these are sure to make your dad feel valued and loved. 

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